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  • Hello Group,

    I just wanted to add to the open discussion by saying I am a Virgo who is on the cusp of Libra. I've always been a little jealous of what I like to call--"true Virgo's" because I am on the cusp. I've always claimed Virgo because many of my traits are more Virgo than anything else, and maybe also because I've spent most of my life enhancing the (Virgo) qualities within me, but I have to say this: The more I became interested in Astrology, I've learned there are many aspects to who I actually am. My ascendant is Gemini, My moon is in Leo, My mars is in Taurus, and of course, let's not forget my Venus--which is Scorpio. As I've studied my charts I do find myself in all these signs based on where they are positioned in my chart. I always read my horoscope or the notable characterisitcs of Virgo and I never felt that I quite fit the entire description. I have to also say ---how limiting it is to only have 12 signs in the zodiac and all the billions of people who live on this earth whose personalities can all be summed up within these 12 signs, so it only makes since that the many different aspects do contribute to how different we all really are. The time and where we're born, and of course, being the practical Virgo--we also have to consider genetics, and how our life experiences shape who we are and who we become. I look at Astrology as a way to help me develop into the person I truly am and the person I woud like to become.

    After saying all that, because I am a Virgo with a Gemini rising--I am very analytical and very perceptive. I remember thinking as a kid that I often pick up on things--very minute things that no one else picks up on---that's the Virgo side of me, but I have always been very curious about people and I like to know what makes people click. I am also very critical and in arguments I can say very harsh things, can be cold and downright mean! Yet on the other hand I am very compassionate and always try to find ways to help others who seem incapable of helping themselves. I think it's a hard place to be being a Virgo with Gemini rising because this position tends to make me an indecisive person, because I take too much time trying to look at all sides, and though I figure all sides down to a science it makes it hard to decide. I have many interests and talents, and do very well at anything I set my mind to achieve. I'm also very unconventional and know there's more than one way to handle things and the way to handle those things may not be the standard way. All the other aspects in my chart makes me a very complex person--as with us all, but there are many contradictions to me. I never fit into any one category and cannot be simply defined. Because I am on the cusp of Libra I have a very hard time dealing with all the contradictions because I have a strong need for balance and everything to be in place. I'm almost always in a state of chaos because I'm such a detailed oriented person who strives for structure and organization, but because I am all over the place--it's hard to strike the balance and to maintain organization

    Let's not even talk about how passionate and possessive (Leo/Scorpio) I am over all that is mine---from what I own to who I love, and because my temperment is that of the bull (Taurus) it really makes me at times an unreasonable person who often believes I'm always right, can always do it better, who at times think I am better, can be somewhat arrogant, stubborn when it comes to what I want that it makes me hard to deal with and live with. I can be overly self-absorbed, but also very self-reflective---can you tell?!?!?! Somehow all these aspects created this person who at times have unrealistic expectations of myself and of others. But when it boils down to it--from its very description I am truly the Virgin and all that calm, cool, sweet and collected facade that is quintessential Virgo you see, but is definitely not at all what you get. I can be overly subservient and do not mind letting someone else shine, but I can become a tyrant if my simple sacrifices to stand behind the scenes are not acknowledged by those I ALLOW to be in the front.

    Does any of this make sense?

  • I say i'm a true Virgo.

    I was born on Sept 8th with a rising sign in Cancer and moon sign in Sagittarius. I say i'm a great listener without any judgement. All my friends call me for advice regarding their problems. (They say there is this "trust thing" they feel with me.)

    I also have to make lists for everything, to make sure i don't run out of anything, and i catch myself paying bills in advance. I think i do these things, to avoid the nervous thing that goes on with Virgo's when things go wrong and don't run smoothly.

    I also notice with my Cancer rising , i live in the past, i save things from the past and can't stay mad at people for long and i love to cook and bake.

    And with my moon in Sagittarius i'm a social butterfly who loves the night life and doesn't like to feel grown up sometimes and hates hates hates rules and boundries especially in relationships.

    I also notice, for some strange reason i attract many ARIES men! (Three Aries men so far!)

    I'm no longer with them due to impulsive bad behavior, but i continued to only be friends with them, but they STILL continue to want to rekindle our relationship!

    These Aries men still seem to be drawn to me don't know why?

    (So If there are any ARIES men out there who likes Virgo's please comment!)

    I do like Aries men, I guess because they keep me on my toes and i keep them on their toes too! I don't give in easily and i'm not clingy due to my confidence.


  • I want to know please what is it means if virgo is in mercuray in my natal chart ?

  • Interesting. I too am virgo but with Sag moon and I am at odds with myself. Seems I have virgo days and sagi days, but never right down the middle, either one or the other. The Sagi days are fun, free and crazy. The virgo days I tend to be quieter and more to my self, or in my head. Rising is Cap on some charts, but Sagi on others. I'm not sure which it really is, but tend to lean toward the cap otherwise I'd be ready for a padded room. Good luck!

  • the statement 'no offense, but' makes me laugh. Are you sure your not , what you think off as a controlling virgo, mean and insensitive? HaHa. If you feel like correcting them, do it! you would only be criticising them. Speaking as a true Virgo i wouldn't be offended, because as a true Virgo i know my own mind. Virgo may be the most misunerstood of the Zodiac, but to all you Virgos out there stop defending yourselves, you don't need to, you know you're right!!. I have many earth sign friends and know that i get along with them better than any other sign, the same as most fire, water and air will like their own kind or at least recognise themselves. As for being arguementative that's a matter for debate. I like to talk about most things and the best people to do that with are fellow earth signs, geminis are good as well, water signs, not so good because i find them too emotional and take things personally, they likewise find me too logical and cool, whose right? no-one because we all have our own perspective on things. I find that virgos are the most open minded people anyone could meet, as they really have looked at every angle of everthing!

    Yes virgos can love and i think it's a very true love, because its a love that is given by them with knowing all kinds of their partners quirks, there isn't much that will surprise a virgo as they can sum up any situation or person instantly and if a virgo does'nt like what they see they won't enter into it, unless a person can be changed, but who really believes that? I don't think anyones here to change some-one else why should they? as for constant approval, it does'nt exist. I can live with that. It seems to me, being one of the most mis-understood signs, that it might be others closed-minded ignorance, not mine. As for saying we're controlling, who wants to control who? not me. If some find me too 'tidy' it might be i find them too'messy' so what? either accept it or walk away. How boring it must be to feel the need to change someone all the time, and worse complain that that person is different and cold, no their just not you! If a rugs fraying or your wearing odd socks and your virgo points this out it's an observation that they have made, not criticsism. If some ones so sensitive to themselves, perhaps they should be more accepting of others!

  • Some Of Us Virgos Are Not Picky Or Rude I Am The Most Nicest Person Ever Lived On The Planet. And I Am Not A Perfectist. I Am Not Perfect Either. I Am The Most Clumsyist Person Ever. And Some Of Us Aren't Very Cleaver Either. But My Mom Says I Am But Don't Believe Her. If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say About Virgos Don't Say Anything At All.

  • Hi All,

    My Gran was a Virgo and I’m a cancerian. I maybe biased but she was perfect in everything she did and didn‘t appreciate when others didn‘t meet her high standards.

    I wouldn’t say she was critical but she was a good judge of character and wouldn’t be shy to tell people what she thought lol and she was never wrong.

    She was very hard working all her life and so kind, she would do anything for her friends, family, anyone really. My grandfather who was a Gemini would get mad at her because even though they didn’t have much money themselves she was always helping out the less needy and she did get taken advantage of quite a lot.

    She also had a great sense of humour and was the life and sole of any party. I miss her so much!


  • Meticilious, perfectionist, dilligent, and loyal, and painfully honest or so I'm told. I believe I'm what cha call a double virgo, Sept. 8, in the early mornig, I guess the sun was coming up, I don't remember.

    The good points are also the bad points, when not tempered by the bigger picture.

    Being to concerned with details, and quality will back fire when pushed for time and quatity in production. In a rush rush world there is very little time or patience for doing things in a 'better' way, this leads to disappointment and possibly resentment in Virgos. Often disliked by those who resent, honesty and frankness in favor of political correctness, and preserving the status quo, of living a familiar fantacy. That could be the perception of Virgos under fire. LOL 🙂

  • is anyone out there born on Sept 18, 1964? I was born at 4:06pm.

  • amouna,

    Mercury in Virgo

    "Mercury rules Virgo as well as Gemini, and its influence is strengthened by the fact. The combination encourages an excellent ability to analyze problems and asses every aspect of them with thoughtful insight. Common sense and practicality rule here, and your not happy if your feet aren't planted firmly on the ground. Watch out for a tendency only to feel safe when you know exactly what you have to do and how to do it - in every situation. This may lead to an over preoccupation with detail and a tendency to be short sighted about larger issues. (Jupiter's placement and aspects in your chart may, however , temper these later tendencies.) You may have an excess of highly charged nervous energy. You need to find positive outlets for this to avoid possible stomach upsets and migraines".

    Julia & Derek Parker, (2004). Guild to Astrology


  • Well, the one thing I get from reading the postings is you are all analytic, you analyse yourselfs; You are all mecurical, you jump from one point to another rapidly, You are all earth bound , Your feet are planted solidly in your viewpoints being right.

    So you must all be Virgos like me.

    But this is not the only thing that defines you. Virgo shows your tendencies but not your limitations. You have the choice to be critical or guiding, perfectionist or tolerant, right or accomodating. Each Virgo trait can be used advantageously as opposed to destructively.

    That is enough of me on my soap box. Virgos go forth and analyze quickly.

  • Finally there's a forum for us Virgos! I agree with you very much, I'm a Virgo, too - in fact, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo - and right now there's so much lack of order with flooring and removing carpeting, career planning, and health to say the least! It's not easy being a Virgo and it feels like, especially this week and the last six ones, that there has been three eclipses with full moons too 🙂 Thanks for sharing this forum

  • Sand...thats way sad you feel that way...we all aren't like that....I have a best friend whose b-day in the b4 mine and he is very much like that....but I am not....go figure, but what I want to say is that some of us are very mindful that you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.....virgo's are very loyal friends and lovers and will walk to the ends of the earth for those they love.......hope you have a chance to change your mind about virgo's BB

  • Allazay...I absolutely agree with your words.....

  • I am all of the above? How old is this site anyway? 2008?

  • PLEASE disregaurd my last posting. I am obviously brand new here (as of today), and my last posting was a mistake, so again, PLEASE disreguard my last posting, and allow me to start again.

    Hi everyone!! It's so great to be able to come here and discuss what it REALLY means to be a Virgo. I was born September 3rd 1962, and I am in every way a Virgo.

  • Wow guys I have just come on board but I am amazed at the level of criticism against Virgos!makes me realise the truth in "as we sow so shall we reap" !!!!

    But there it is, we all have the capacity to analyse & criticise, make judgements etc so whats the lesson here?

    Too simple folks! be more tolerant, be more kind and understanding, more respect and co-operation needed in our day to day dealings with all others and with ourselves, these negative traits that we all have (and as perception is everything our perception rules in all situations) but reality can be perceived on a different level.

    To do with ourselves we have to ask why does this behaviour annoy us and quite simply the answer usually comes back as "this is challenging" so take your power back by realising that there can be no personal growth without challenge! so next time when someone is trying to manipulate you, quite simply be true to yourself!

    But is everyone trying to manipulate? perhaps it is their fear base that is trying to gain some control, stress is a major factor here! in which case some kindness and compassion will lead us all from separation into connection, now isn't that a better world to live in?

    So lets just ease up on each other, lets celebrate the positive attributes we all bring to the table, imagine a buffet dinner with only beer and chicken wings, boring! but a table filled with lots of variety from all cultures etc is a feast! a celebration in itself! Namaste dear ones!

  • Haha, chances are that they can't stand you either. Virgos are more about depth and character than lighthearted fun... its just who they are, quite different from frivolous sagittarius.

  • I am a soft Virgo... I am intellectual, have an unbelievable memory and am very good with writing. But I don't have some of the harsh critical nature normally associated with the sign. I have pisces rising and my moon is in cancer, giving me a very artistic and caring side. I have always given to charity and helped the less fortunate through various initiatives. I do however have very high standards, I specialized in raising the bar for client satisfaction and have won a number of awards as a result of my high ideals. It goes with out saying that Virgos have a propensity to dislike shoddy work, and possess a desire to improve the 'status quo' and we are also likely to be overachievers. The only exception is when we are treated poorly and not respected for our efforts, then take cover! I resented the comment by the other poster that virgos are 'mean and rude'... they have a tendency to be critical but that is not who they are as people and most I know are very caring people. How rude is it to perform shoddy work on a daily basis? Sure wouldn't want someone like that operating on me!

    Chaos does bother me, I tend to think better in a place of space and neatness but am not a neat freak... traits normally associated with this sign. My creative nature sometimes causes me to produce chaos and then my virgo nature struggles with conflict in trying to maintain some type of order.

    Virgo is said to rule the nervous system and many born under this sign are said to suffer from digestive ailments. All my life I have had some intestinal problems and have suffered conditions associated with stress. As a Virgo I have also worked in the computer fields, as a web developer and graphic designer, my attention to detail and level of perfectionism made me an excellent illustrator as well. It was an effort for me to be 'lighthearted' however and loosen up in regard to my work. Clients tended to call me when they needed detailed technical illustrations or complex animations. I was not the one called for loose and light marketing pieces. I was popular in the editorial dept. able to spot typos and grammatical mistakes a mile away, lol.

    With my mars in aquarius, I tended to use my creative/IT skills to produce projects for unconventional effects, and have tended to change the way companies do business. I was also very agressive in doing this, recieving much criticism from those who were resistant to beneficial changes, but I was impervious to this criticism, doling out some of my own. After receiving criticism from the accounting department, I cited a large number of errors in that department and associated company losses and this criticism abated.

    Perhaps this diatribe gives a little insight into the 'Mind of Virgo'. 🙂

  • to Alageorgia:

    'Thought you might be interested in the flip side of your scenario...

    My ex was a gemini and I'm a virgo, and everything you described about your ex would be what I woud have said about mine down to the verbal abuse.'

    My ex was also a gemini and we have a great friendship to this day, but we just couldn't live together. We were so different in many ways that it barred intimacy. I loved him dearly and I think we were both good people but he had so many habits that grated on me... gambling, tendency not to clean up (at all!) , alcoholism and smoking, drugs... sometimes all at once! He was a funny person, very witty and quite intelligent but lacked the resolve to use his mental abilities in productive ways. Likewise, my serious nature caused him to feel uncomfortable and surpressed. He became critical and insulting in many different ways, and even made fun of me at times. Then the relationship began to deteriorate. We had great discussions together and are still great friends but he got better after he left me and I felt less controlled.

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