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  • I'm a Virgo, Scorpio Rising, Leo Moon. Frankly, I don't see myself as the 'typical' Virgo. Yes, I am at my very best when helping others. This has been brought to my attention a number of times. As for being a perfectionist, as we live in an imperfect world, I don't see the point in seeking perfection in anybody or anything. I do like language, listen very intently to what people are saying and remember conversations with enviable clarity. I am analytical, but keep most of what I observe to myself (Scorpio Rising, perhaps). My Leo Moon makes me somewhat dramatic in how I speak and, I think, it gives me my sense of humor and warmth.

    I'm not overly critical and would never hurt a person's feelings with invective of any kind. I am rather generous with compliments, on the other hand, and would sooner say something pleasant than something harsh. I am very intuitive and can be somewhat fixed in my views (three planets in Leo and three in Scorpio). I don't like the mutable quality of Virgo and am very grateful for the fixed planets in my chart - I do think my Scorpio serves me especially well.

    As for being neat, well, mine is one organized mess.

  • The Virgos quest is to be loved...... the hard part is finding someone who loves us the way "WE" want to be loved...... lol

  • I'm a Virgo, I can be very antisocial at times, organized, I'm not really a neat freak, but to much clutter and loud noise will drive me crazy. My daughter has to look neat clean AT ALL TIMES. When she was a baby I would change her clothes 4 times a day lol. I tend to worry too much about EVERYTHING and everyone. I have a really big heart and want the best for everyone I know. If something goes wrong with someone I know, I worry worry worry! People think I come off as a know it all and brutally honest. I noticed that I get along better with Aquarius, Cancer and other Virgo's. I think a lot of Virgo's act like they have everything under control, but deep down inside they never seem that they are good enough. That is why we are perfectionist, we want to be perfect knowing that we are never really good enough in our minds.

  • Forgot to mention, I'm not mean...I love to laugh and act silly, people always come to me for advice. I'm married to a cancer and we have a great time together just being silly, laughing and having fun together. Only thing is I have to have clean and organized surroundings. I don't freak out if somethings are misplaced. If one of my friends or family is hurting I'm hurting too. I hate that I worry so much about other people. It drains me!

  • I was born on September,5 1970 so i guess that makes me a Virgo.I just want to say i love being a virgo i think we are the most toughest sign in astrology also the smartest and the most physicaly fit.Just like every other sign we have our good traits and our bad traits.I know i am a neat freak,harsh,analytical and obsessive sometimes but when those bad traits come out i try my best to control them.We are very friendly,loyal,understanding,thoughtful,hardworking,dependable,romantic,very potent in the bedroom etc.

  • also i am the one all my friends come to when they have a problem and want to talk about it

  • the one thing i don't have that other virgo have is that i don't worry about stuff.Some people say that i am emotionless.I have emotions it just people cant see them.The one thing that i love the most about being a virgo is that we are very observant i don't miss any thing it even freaks out some of my friends,it almost like having magical powers.

  • I try to stay away from aries women i had bad experiences with them.

  • Hi Virgoislandman,

    What would a take for a virgo man to want to come back to a relationship that the virgo man ended. He said "i don't trust you and i'm sure you don't trust me" "i don't want to try, i don't want to give it a chance. you can't force it." When I asked him what he thought I meant by trying he answered that he takes it as being a couple again... I replied by telling him that we cannot go from this, 6 months of arguing since he left, to being a couple. that i want to see if we can try to have those feelings again. he said that he would reconsider the situation, read my messages, and to not expect an answer from him today, tomorrow, or next week. I figure it's going to take him awhile, so I told him that it we should stay away from each other since hanging out and chatting causes problems... I just want another virgos take on this situation... We haven't spoken in 10 days... seems too soon, but to me it's an eternity... should i give up? I'm a cappy and as such very determine to reach my goal... In this case though it's someone's affection that I want win over... we have a child, but we have an agreement where he gets him 2-3 times a week. Sorry for the essay ... :/... any suggestions would be great! oh and he's "going out with someone, but it's not serious"... he said that to a mutual friend.... sigh...

  • Hello Contessaluna,it sounds to me like this person doesn't really want to be with u.If i was u i would move on.I know its hard to do since u have a child with this person but u have to think about your feelings and it seems to me that your hurting over this person.I also think he is not honest with u he is probably dating other people move on.This person doesn't love u .U have a child who needs u.

  • going back a few comments, and I can agree with some of the stuff all of you have said as I too am a Virgo~ rock on. Virgos are the best people I know. Utterly selfless, the best. Give yerselves a big ole' hug cuz no one else is gonna do it good enuf. OK. I, pronouns, used entirely too much, too can analyze a work place or almost anyone from inside out with calculating correction. (Sniffing out the bad guys from across the room). I, can deftly manipulate any minefield and put an entire room full of crying infants to bed in one fell swoop. In the bedroom, let us just say, my other, which the universe has not manifest yet, had better brush up on the tantric arts if he wants to keep up with me. And I, much prefer a talented tongue, conversationally for a dinner partner to the more obtuse signs if ya know what I mean. I, lean to consonance and peace, and maybe its me, as my rising sign is in Libra. But chaos is not by bag baby and speaking of which, has anyone turned on the T.V. in the last few years? (WTF) 'nuff said. . . Virgo, signing out. Sends ya some love. YEA !!!

  • im new to this website,born august 26th so yes im a VIRGO :)..but wow after reading wat everybody had to say on this, i finally found people that are just like me, ive always felt misunderstood but i guess its just a virgo thing lol..the things people say about virgos just doesnt fit my personality..iam not a perfectionist at all i hardly ever have things organized but i still know where everythings at. i dnt criticize people the only person i criticize is myself im like so hard on myself i never feel like im better then anybody else. i hate people that hurt other peoples feelings on purpose. i always feel like i have to stand up for the people that i know wont stand up for them selfs. i never look for problems or any kind of drama but when sumone trys to put me down or talk down too me phsss thats when all hell break loose lol i could say the meanest most hurtful things to a person that would actually make them cry! but thats just if they ask for it lol 🙂

    i could be the nicest gurl ever but people seem to confuse my kindness with weakness or they think im stupid just cuz im nice when i first meet sumbody doesnt mean i like them lol i could be the biggest "B!tCh" yu would ever meet im stronger && smarter then most gurls out there i know that for a fact. even when i feel so hurt i just suck it up && act like everythings fine one thing i cant do is cry in front of people that makes me feel weak. i dnt show my feelings to anybody cuz i know im not always as strong as i make myself seem & nobody needs to know that. im known as the gurl thats always happy && making people laugh even when i dnt wanna smile i still make sumbody else smile & that makes me feel better. i have a sense of humor that most gurls dnt have i think thats why i dnt get along with gurls that much lol i get along with guys way better cuz their more laid back & not all into that gossip & drama & thats how iam 🙂

    even though everybody always comes to me for advice i just never ask for anything i really dnt know why im not sure if its my pride but ive always said i will never depend on anyone if i have a problem i figure out a way to fix it on my own no matter how long it takes.iam very very stubborn lol i love to argue with people cuz i always have the last word 🙂 iam always observing && listening to eveything & everyone without making it ovious.that helps me figure out things that just didnt make sense to me at a point.

    i have that 6th sense alot of the virgos on here talk about lol i know wat kind of person somebody is meaning i know if their real or fake just by talking to them for a couple minutes. i always say i have a lie detector in me it scares my friends sumtimes cuz they could never lie to me lol another thing is that theirs times where i know wat sumbody is gonna say without them even saying anything && i say it before them they always tell me to stop reading their thoughts lol i think its funny cuz they think im weird 🙂

    my biggest problem is dealing with relationships. cuz i just dnt trust guys anymore. so i just dnt let myself get attached to any guy its like i shut off all my feelings.ive actually been called heartless many times it doesnt bother me though. i know wat iam && wat im not! for me to trust sumbody is super hard. but iam a trust worthy person i know how to keep my mouth shut. thats why alot of people seem to always wanna talk to me.

    sumtimes i just like to be alone in my room with the music on && the light off i just like feeling like im in my own lil world by myself idk my friends dnt understand why i do half of the things i do or say. but its okay sumtimes i dnt even understand myself lol

    well i wrote this so sum more people could actually get an idea of how VIRGOS really are well how this virgo really is lol. dnt judge us if yu dnt know us thats just ignorance frm yur part!

    sorry if it was boring or too long lol

    -SARA :]

  • Like alot of you, I have seen some of my own characteristics in the posts listed above. It can be HARD being a Virgo ! By trial and error, (and yes, some of that darn thinking), I've found that if I keep even a small smile on my face, and not jump in with problem solving for people, I can avoid the perception of being seen as a know-it-all ! or a perfectionist ! And yes, I have to constantly remind myself to LIGHTEN UP and RELAX !!! can be hard, but it's a good lesson to have to's FUN to be able to truly HAVE fun !! we don't HAVE to solve the world's problems, right?

  • Hi there beautiful, perfect Virgos!

    I am an Aquarius sun, Cappy ascendant, Moon Cappy, Venus Aqua 1st house, Mars Aries.

    My beautiful man: Virgo sun, Ascendant Leo/Scorp(don't know his time of birth), moon Pisces if am/pm.

    He is the hardest worker in his company, tall, slim, strong, gentle, soft spoken, deep, emotional, sensitive, tries to improve everything, smooth things out

    I had to walk away for the last time last weekend.

    He said in the beginning (after leaving in a huff 2 times from his house where I went every weekend..always because he never seemed to make room for me, or consider me in normal ways(before I began my new found passion of researching Virgo!) that he didn't see us getting married.

    Now, almost 2 years later, he still sees it "not working out" but he agrees we have a great time together, and he has changed little things, drinks alot less, sees less of an evil woman friend, gives me attion more, but still does not want to come to my city, or change his social plans and he tells his friends we are just friends.

    I have read that Vigos plan everything. Can he plan things not to work out?

    Now that I have educated him on his Virgoness (he is amazed and I think relieved) and my Aqua/cappy mix, (I think he started to accept things, especially the great traits I have) he says I am amazing, patient, loving, smart etc., but doesn't want to hurt me by holding back all the time, even though he doesn't want to hold back. Something for him is missing. He doesn't have the "in love feeling" he thinks he is supposed to have.

    I told him lust is not forever, and love is something two people work at together, building together by making a consious effort, giving time, words, commitment. He has never comitted to anything. Every one of his relationships ended as ours is, at the time the woman needs more effort from him. He has never had to find a job (farmer) or a house (50 yr old bachelor living in the family home), girls have always come to him, and either have left him, or his family have literally chased them away (they have tried to do that to me too which makes me the 3rd.).

    I know he is afraid of the unknown, he admits it too.

    I told him that one day, he'll have to realise that perfection does not exist, that a flower needs water, sun to grow. Our seed is there, but I need him to make plans with me, spend a special weekend with me, make an effort (I have made all the sacrifices, compromise..I said that is my job, and his is to do it his way...I understand that, but I need him to understand my needs too).

    I told him he will have to accept someone one day "as good as I'm going to get" like I have with him. I can't imagine anyone better, and so I am determined. He admitted he is always thinking something better exists out there with everything, and that is wrong.

    He looked so so hurt and troubled when I said this has to be the last time I leave, its too hard. He said, "you mean to my house, or to the countryside too?" I said I couldn't know that. I made it very clear to him its not what I wanted, and he said, "You don't want this" I said NO! But he still did not make any ideas. We spent our last night in bed together( he wanted to) and he said "I wish it could all be as easy as this."

    Does anyone have anything to say? I love him so much but its so hard to deal with his unwillingness to spend anytime in my house, life, or ask me for some time alone.He is so very social, and his group of friends have such a part in his life, which is fine, but he's not willing to expand it seems.

    He has been on a dating phone site twice, when we have had a "fight" and I asked him what he expects he'll do with this new girl. I think he'll want it to be a private affair, not involving anyone for the sake of gossip. I made the biggest mistake by asking his friends for help, when the seemed so keen to know details etc. I trusted them to be honest, but it just fed the gossip wheel, and they now want me gone. It doesn't bother me, and he thinks it is very wrong of them to be so mean to me, and to gossip. I told him he should have not confused them with the message that we wern't an item, and perhaps they would have been more supportive. He agreed that he confused them, and me.

    Any advice from any Virgos?

    I'd love to say I want us to work, but I think love takes 2 to tango...

    I will stick to my guns and stay away (2 hour drive to his place, but I have an art studio I set up nearby him...for my own space...for safety, and creativity) for my own sanity, but if you think we have a shot, I'll wait around in my heart, instead of trying to forget him.

  • PS...he said he has never been out with anyone else during our time together.

  • I find that I CAN be quite the perfectionist when it comes to the projects I have involved myself with.. or when I am watching someone else do a project and want to fix it immediatly or give them pointers. However, I don't really have the constant need to be organized. When I am cleaning or tidying things up though, I do find everything has to have it's own place.

    I am not all that focused. Only when it's something that I WANT to do. I tend to be fairly scatter brained and am always looking for something else that catches my attention more than whatever I am doing currently. I break plans a lot because of that. Even when it comes to boyfriends, I am always searching for something better.

    I am definitely analytical and CAN be critical. I spend a lot of time in my own head observing everyone and everything. I'll be the first one to tell you what your problem is and why people don't like you if you really want to know the honest truth, but I am a great listener and problem solver. I also love to have intelligent conversations, but hate to talk to someone that seems to be of... below average intelligence. Most of the time, you'll see that I avoid those people as much as possible.

    I get frustrated very easily with individuals that are confusing to me and are flip-floppy with their emotions, even though I can be the same way. I don't like secrets and I always want to know what someone is REALLY thinking. I ask frequent questions until I get the answers I want, and when I don't get the answer I want I am the first one to say goodbye.

  • Just my two cents: I am a Virgo. When I was in high-school (a long time ago) I became interested in Astrology. I never felt accepted in my family, and I was painfully shy. Unfortunately the descriptions of Virgos in those days were quite harsh, and LOL , very critical of our sign. Reading this forum on and by Virgos reminded me of the inner battle I fought for so long to feel good about myself. Throughout my life I have thought deeply about what is true and what is not, what is right and what is wrong. I have had my chart done numerous times, talked to psychics, and spent much time taking all the blame for every one of my negative experiences. Meanwhile I married, was widowed early in the relationship and raised my children on my own. It was difficult in the extreme, but now my children are grown, are wonderful, loving people, and we have great relationships with each other. I gained confidence and learned not to be so critical of myself (although the nagging voice is often still there, especially in difficult moments). I have always given others the benefit of the doubt, even when they did not extend the same to me. Most of what I have learned is this: We are all individuals. There are no two charts the same, as there are no two fingerprints exactly the same. To see a person by their sun sign alone, or even by their complete chart is inexact, because we don't know what lessons that person has mastered, or not mastered when we first meet them, and ALL signs have their challenges. Like any sign, the traits Virgos have can be turned to positive or negative use. Many years ago I had a pre-interview, job interview on the phone. The first question the man asked was what sign I was. I told him and he told me there was no way he would ever work with a Virgo. End of interview. He did not know anything about me, did not give me a chance to introduce my self to him, my Self being an individual he did not know at all. He missed out on knowing a very kind, gentle, caring, intelligent, creative, patient, and hard working person. His loss. You can see that my self image improved with age and experience. I am still not totally acceptable to my family who are very critical, and none of the rest of them are Virgos, though I don't know what other signs are in their charts. It does not matter. Use your own chart as guide, not as a measure of your possibilities, which are infinite. You can be more than any of your seeming disadvantages. You will learn your own possibilities by living and being open to new experiences. Learn to trust your own instincts (which are your higher self) to guide you. Be forgiving of yourself and others; we all make mistakes, that's how we learn. We are on this planet to learn, to be loving, and to help others through the maze. Stay open to the lessons. Go for it and don't have any expectations other than that you will love, learn, and grow as a human being. Don't allow preconceived ideas about yourself and life stop you from participating in the great adventure of learning what your limitations are not. And, when things go wrong, don't look for who or what to blame. Just look for the lesson. I wish you all, whatever your sun sign, much love.

  • Hey cosmic trender it is a big world out there. virgo is 30 degrees of your horoscope wheel. to say you cannot get along with Virgo's is really saying there is a part of you that you cannot get along with. And since you are a Virgo rsing, which depending which decanate, you could be taking a wonderful hit from Pluto which happens every 248 years. this may be a wonderful time for you to re-birth and transform aspects of yourself. With virgo as your first house this starts your personality and the hat you wear to the world. The way you described Virgo was very crabby and picky....the more negative traits associated with Virgo. I would say look to the opposite sign Pisces for unquestioned acceptance in regards to the Virgos you meet out there in the world. You may say you are not like a Virgo but you did a good job there of expressing it.......and we chose which traits we show to the world. No I do not mean this critically.....just analytically. As an observation.

    You see I am a Virgo rising as well....and a Virgo sun and I have Jupiter conjunct my sun and rising. this makes me super virgo.

    Virgo's have a great capacity for order but, like you, you would not believe if you say my is clean but not neat. But I have quite a number of businesses and work I do in the world and am able to keep things organzied in my head on a grand least I hope this is true. So while virgo has this rep of being small minded and nit-picking (and I was the lice queen when my children came home from school with lice) they also have the rep of quietly cleaning up the messes of the rest of the world.....restoring order the world.....and the willingness to be the least. And if this is true than on some level they have put the egoic forces behind them.

    So embrace your Virgo....learn where you are Virgo...and use it to your advantage......after all we are all players in the glass bead game.....the game of life.

  • I'm a virgo but I'm not the average virgo. My mom is also a virgo and she is the ULTIMATE virgo! Apparently virgos are either virgins or sluts lol.

    My mom is a control freak, business oriented, plans everything, everything has to go her way, VERY organized, VERY clean. practical, perfectionist, a worrywart, and unemotional but if she was in a relationship i believe she would live to serve him and she might or might not be loyal lol. She's also a COMPLETE health freak which is probably a good thing until she tries to change you!

    I on the other hand do have a lot of virgo traits but i express them differently. I like things to be organized but I can be VERY messy a lot of the time. I honestly am a perfectionist but I know that there's no such thing as perfect and I don't try to change other people just me! I plan a lot of stuff but its not a requirement that it be followed! Although I work well in an office but I'm really an artist. I like compromise. I don't worry unless its serious and I'm VERY emotional. And while I don't mind taking care of people my love isn't unconditional. Respect me and I will stay loyal and love (not serve) for ever.

    Honestly it was very difficult living with someone so opposite. So much arguing! I guess that's why virgos aren't the best matches for each other!

  • Hi,

    I am new to All Things Virgo. I was born on the Virgo new moon and the Virgo sun. My ability to start all over again in business reflects that. I had been a reader since I was 13, but I can't read for myself. Regardless of who reads for me the the High Priestess crosses my Queen card, which face down I chose "The Queen of Coins."

    I have just lost my job due to the economy and I'm closing in on 58. Would anyone do a reading for me that would cover the next three months? If so, thank you.


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