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  • I am a Cap and my mother was a Virgo: September 9th. She was a very loving, caring and homebody person who took care of my father while he suffered with cancer. The one thing I always found strange though was that after cooking dinner and while my father and I sat at the kitchen table she ate at the kitchen window or in the livingroom, she never sat with us!! My mother made sure that every morning before I went to school I ate breakfast and when I got home I had to take off my school clothes and change into my 'play' clothes. My mother was the disciplinarian and if I pretended to be sick to stay home from school you better believe that when school was out and I started feeling better I did NOT get to go outside and play...afterall, I was sick. My mother also believed in old folks remedies, some of which I wish she never knew about: cod liver oil or alcohol on cuts (ouch!) but the one that I loved was HOT TODDIES!! Whenever I had a cold she would rub Vick's vaper rub on my chest and put it in my nose and I would get to drink a hot toddie: alcohoic drink with tea!! YES!! My mom died in 1986 from a massive stroke. For some reason the night before which was a Friday, the night I went out and partied something told me to stay home. The next morning I woke up hearing her call my name and when I went downstairs to the kitchen she was sitting in a chair with her whole body convulsing and her mouth had drooped on the left side. I immediately called 911 who took her to the hospital. That was on a Saturday and she died the following Tuesday, after I gave the doctor permission to remove the life support. I am an only child and my mother was my best friend although being young and stupid did not always listen to her advise. She could read people as soon as she saw them and would tell me who and who not to trust, but being a pig-headed spoiled brat didn't listen. I miss my mom and am so glad that GOD chose her to be my mother. I hope the rest of you have been as blessed.

  • i am a virgo and i am constantly thinking about everything no matter what it is. if its a problem i have to pick it apart in about a million places until i feel its fit. i do not really like this side of me cause i make myself crazy. i am very funny , jovial and love to have a good laugh. i love howard stern. so that should tell you something. but i am also a good listener and take on alot of other peoples problems which also make me crazy if they don't follow what i advise them. but most of the time it all works itself out. i am not very confident and i do get in moods where i almost become introverted, and when i get like this people think something is wrong and tip toe around me which makes me mad. just because i am not on stage all the time doesen't mean i can't have my moments also. if you are my friend i will do anything for you and be very loyal but if you cross me WATCH OUT!!! your doomed i expect the same loyalty from you. never piss off a vergo. we can be very mean and i am saying we can make you feel like you are a dot on the ground. otherwise i love to have fun and laugh but i also love to get into deep conversations with people about alot of things. but thats just me.

  • casper

    so sorry to hear about your mom i am a virgo too so i understand where you are coming from, especially when we say we can read people. its a sixth sense that virgo's have which i thank for having that tool. god bless you dear your mother is watching you from above and im sure very proud that you were her daughter.

  • Hey guys newbie here lol on the 16th -- I have read almost more than half on the posts and I have to say --u fellow citizens are amazing 🙂

    I have a question I am hoping someone might be able to shed some insight into or just leave a comment based on previous situations? I am a student in college currently trying to figure out what I want to do with my life as a career-- I have to pick a direction and am running short of time. I am good at writing and am creative--so I thought I would go with literature (comperative)

    I am a little afraid though that I might get borred ??? that's my fear on the other hand as good a writer as I think I am -- I could used improvement. I am more of a lucide writer, so I write and hte essay forms--kinda wondering I woun't be able to help students spot if their thesis r too bored or narrow things like that--not sure if that comes from experiance--an proffessors or writers out there?

    my other option would be to follow the path of International relations--I find foreign politics fasinating -- might go into being a diplomat--maybe the UN or so I dreamt lol--I had a lot on my mind and heart (letting go of Gemini ex-- gave a thoughful ultimatum(me or hope they find what they r looking for) never got a reply--thought that was rude but trying to give living in the present a chance and leave the past at 09. somehow all of that and rethinking the past just drained the energy out of me-- I am usually a cheery person and tend to be a cheersquad for my friends--but now I think I over did it -- I don't seem to really care that much at all--which is very unlike me--

    I am hoping it is just a minor "energy depletion" phase. But I would love to hear you comments.

    I had intially started out with a science--am not great at it -- feel it's duable but think It takes up way too much time and the results aren't what I expect -- virgo lol--I just seem to be outstanding in the other areas-- abstract drawing,music,poetry,etc.

    I planned to finish up my science with a dual in IR as they seem to go better together--but have since realized can't do both and excel at both too--time constaraint--science takes up time.I have done science for so long -- I can't quite it. I wish at times I could let go easeir--seems i can't --virgo trait, there? not quite sure...

    SO I guess i opted to go with: finish the science with the literature as a more managable workload.At one time or another my proffessors had suggested that I maybe I might consider literature as a major-- I was scared I was good in it and was afraid I might get bored--as a Proff---also I think I just got tired of analyzing the characters to death--though that's why I think my essays were good -- the analysis (virgo virgo lol).

    I remember in HIghschool I just couldn't handle thte dark in shakespear--Othello--analyzing the characters and motives was just a tad too much for me-- i feel like the books I read -- I live in them and so when I write the experances are very personal because I can relate -- and well if its dark like say a book like Ethan From -- it drains me. I even once threatened not to come to class if the teacher didn't change the books we read-- He was an amazing teacher--somehow that time passed.So I intially decided to go with IR b/c it was interesting-- the funny part of it was one of the interculturak books we had to read made me realize that maybe I loved the words too aside from being slighly somewhat good at them. I began to see and notice the way the words were written and the sentences too -- at one point I finished reading a sentences and exclaimed at the end ot it with a " that's just like chocolate" I couldn't find another way to describe.So I think literature might be the way to go as a double with the science am just scared I will get bored if I go into it all the way as a prof. I love the east, korea and such nor quite sure y.

    I guess I worte a draft, and I am sorry if that was a boring load of rambling for who ever got this far. But thank you if you have. I guess this is how far I had thought things thru till my " don't care energy drain set in". Now, not sure if its due to the drain, but literature seems like a safe and calm heaven and I don't feel I have the energy and enthusiasm I did b/f to travel and get medeled in politics. I used to want to travel france, korea, work at the U.N the sky was the limit

    and now I think somehow my colored shaded glasses might have shattered and reality might have set in or maybe it's just that I am drained and am setteling for what's more comforting and less brisk.

    I would love to hear anyone's inputs if you have gotten this far.Maybe you have had some of these fields as careers and might have inputs lol. I also wanted like a lady on here to be a graphic designer but I over thought it and it's a tad too late to jump on that wagon.Thanks all, I am really glad I found you guys, all things virgo lol

    p.s this virgo is really bad at spellings, so sorry

  • Hi there,

    Anyone talking about being a cusper; to those who seriously study astrology, there is no such thing! The year your were born sets the record straight for your exact sun sign, your time if you know it is even better. You don't need the time to know your sun sign if you were born between the 19th-25th of any month, just the month, day, an especially the year.

  • Hello Virgo Forum! I am new to this forum and find that there are alot of things us Virgos have in common. I too am a perfectionist (in alot of ways), highly intelligent, emotional, have nervous conditions and etc. The one thing that I haven't noticed in the comments is something that I have been wondering about. For most of my life, I have been a vivid dreamer. As a child, my dreams were more of life premonitions than dreams about normal childish things (marrying your prince, running away from monsters). As I reached 30, my dreams and perceptions of things have become increasingly more accurate. For example, my grandmother fell ill last year and while I was sitting with her in the hospital with her while she was taking a nap, I started to envision her funeral. It was scary because this was my best friend's funeral that I was watching in my mind. She did eventually pass away and although I assisted with the funeral arrangements, the actual funeral was what I had envisioned two months prior to her death. I have these dreams/visions often and I was wondering if I was a rare Virgo whose "third senses" were highented more than usual. My BDay is 8/29 and Im not sure where all the other planets and zodiacs align with my birth but it's something I'm interested in knowing more about. Thanks!

  • Hi Sapphirediamond, If you're born 6 days before or after the changing of each sign, then you're a cusper. Which means the sun is changing into another sign and you get the influence of both signs.This has a plus and minus factor to it. It can mellow you out , on the plus side, and can mix you up , on the negative. In case, you are a more complex personality!

  • Dragonelf: I cannot give you insight... only some advice. If you do not have any access at schools, or employment places where you live to take tests to determine your best career choice according to your likes and dislikes, then search the internet for free ones.

    I am not sure of the names of these... aptitude tests? johnmyersbriggs personality tests? something on those lines.

    I know that employment places, that help people get BACK into the workforce in Canada have online tests that are long and boring but they ask you many things about likes and dislikes.

    It is worth checking into.

    Another thing to remember: we are not a single career humanity anymore. Those are the old days and long gone. Only a rare few get to have the same career all their lives. Doctors, scientists, and the like.

    On a more somber note: with the dangers of global warming and our species ruining the earth, there is going to be a price to be paid. I can see that there will be certain careers that will be more needed as we continue to face such devastating weather patterns.

    Think of a career that you could use if you were in a disaster situation.

    If there is a big disaster, like the tsunami's of the past and earthquakes etc... what is the first career area to go? entertainment.

    Always there will be need for medicine, clothing, food, shelter, science. Art and entertainment are for the mind and soul. If the body is not taken care of, then neither will these two. First things first are water, fire, food, shelter.

    A career in any of those basic areas are a good bet I think.

    Writing is something I like too but I do know that it is hard to make a living from.

    That can be your "second" career.

    Have one that you can survive on, pay bills, etc, that you do enjoy, and have the non paying career on the side and if it takes off for you... bonus!

  • I am new here so thought I would post a general question. Can anyone relate to my profile since I have yet to find people on this wave length? I have my Sun in Virgo, in an intercepted house. I have Aries Rising and an Aries Moon. I think this makes me the kind of Virgo who speaks her mind, is passionate about everything I put my mind too and not afraid of a fight for what I believe is important. I can be critical and highly organized . . . it's true. But I use these skills in my work helping people. And there is no one better in a fight for justice which requires analytical intellect. I relate to Athena in this regard. She was the only Goddess on the Council of Gods to advise Zeus. And she was the Goddess that leaders and generals prayed to for guidance because of her analytical ability and wisdom. Yet she was a woman so she brought that feminine holistic perspective. Strong minded and compassionate.

  • Hi leo/virgo and all,

    I think it is good to point out characteristics of people who are born when one sign is changing to the next (some call it cuspers), but no one should be confused over what their actual Sun Sign is. Everyone is one or the other.

    I enjoy talking astrology, I always hope sharing knowledge is just that, and not implying someone doesn't know what they are talking about.

  • To Jennisis and all,

    WOW, a triple Virgo who does numerolgy; what an interesting person. I am a Virgo sun (9-9-53) with a Scorpio rising and Libra moon. I enjoy numbers too and the number 9 is somehow lucky for me, or combinations that make 9.

    I have read some books on numerology, but not in detail. I think it is very interesting but astrology is my real interest.

  • A few comments from a Virgo Ascendant (Sun sign Taurus) with a South Node also in Virgo . . .

    On the theory that one is either one sign or another: people born on the day of a cusp often will show traits of both signs. My brother is a prime example: his sun is 50 minutes into Gemini, but he does show Taurus traits because Mercury, never far from the Sun in anyone's birth chart, and Mars are both placed there. And since he was born just shy of sunrise, he's a Taurus Ascendant, too! LOL!

    To Sable31: I started out as a music major myself, but moved to literature. That field of study definitely lends itself to the Virgo passion for analyzing things. What you need to ask yourself, though, is what field of study interests you the most? Where do you feel a passion career-wise. Perhaps if you check where your Midheaven is, that may give you a starting point.

  • I don't know how I wasn't aware of the site previously. I have certainly enjoyed reading the entries. I can so relate to many of the comments made here.

    As a virgo female (9/21), I think I am often misunderstood as I don't favor gossip, degredation of others, deception or lies. Sarcasm is not my fortae. I believe in honesty and truthfulness but find that many can't appreciate that even if delivered in a non-critical or compasionate way. I think I serve as a motivator and encourage others in whatever situation they may be dealing with to find the inner strength they possess. I maintain a positive attitude and attempt to communicate that to others no matter how hopeless a situation may appear.

    I know I'm not a control freak but do weigh out the positives and negatives in any situation. I need to have a sence of order and organization. I'm certainly not perfect and don't expect that in others but appreciate the uniqueness we each possess . . . until you have walked a mile in another man's shoes you can't know how they fit.. I try to live life by determining those things I cannot change, change those I can, and wisdom to know the difference. We can't change the world but can attempt to make the world a better place with our actions, which speak so much louder than words. All talk and no action is a waste of words . . .

    I loved the reference to the "sixth sense" which many of you had mentioned. I took my adult life to realize that everyone doesn't have this which many of us do. Always trust that gut feeling it's proven to be accurate in so many situations.

    It's not a perfect world and although we are often called "perfectionists" I think what we attempt to do is find a way to improve . . . there is always room for improvement and Virgo would be the sign that recognizes that fact.

    I'm glad I am a virgo. . . wouldn't know how to be anything else, somebody has got to look at the world with a discriminating eye, guess that's our role. . . complacency and apathy are not characteristics that define us. It is in being of service to others that we find our greatest rewards.

  • people think Virgos are kind of set in there ways and always neat freaks ok am kind of neat but I live alone so its just me and my cat I love earth tones and ok am very earthy so my daughter would tell you the ocean set my heart beating and the forest bring me so much peace.

    Virgo for the most part are very open loving people know for a fautl not to give to there self but

    make sure everyone is getting what they need I would have to say that am petty gental person

    virgos who date there sign dont do well cause no one know who leading who

    this is just some the things about this virgo

  • yeah I totally agree 921..about not favoring gossip and being truthful, honest and not being deceptive...I feel that sixth a great I wouldn't live without..being intellectual doesn't hurt..and not a neat should see my work never ever neat..but I know where everything is..and if I wasnt there I could still tell you where to find gotta love the photogenic? memory...details, details, any one? I never thought of being any other sign..sooo I don't mind being a virgo..sometimes we are seen as prudish..which I don't believe we are..I believe in being open to others ideas...not closing myself to opportunities..and yes improving efficiency in the world is our well as serving others of course in a good healthy a huge plus...

  • Hello all,

    I have enjoyed reading the site as well. Many of the entries express my traits. My BD 9/21 also.

    We are often misunderstood, and do have a sixth sense. I enjoy being virgo, although I am on a cusp, I have not identified with it. My moon is in taurus and rising sign aries. It is great to have a site to share.


  • Wow for a second there I thought I was on a slam Virgo forum.... a bit harsh and discriminating in itself.

    I agree so much with what I read from other Virgos on this site and do believe that there is a bad rap of this nit picking and being too organized that many Virgos start feeling bad about, therefore start down sizing an attribute that is such a small part of the being.

    I have 2 friends who are Virgos and I love being around them. I don't think that there is such a deep secret about what a Virgo is made up of other than respect, kindness, loyalty and yes simplicity, this can be misconstrued as too organized- it's easier to create on a clean slate than one that has a lot of chaos.

  • I am a virgo who is very analytical and intitutive but never organized but somehow things always fall in place. I have a girlfriend who birthday is one day after mine and we are very similar. For years we share notes about each other trying to organize. I would like to have every thing in place and also know where to find important papers. My strength is in perception and foresight.

  • Well, Fellow Virgoans (I HATE being called Virgin).. I think it is more that we are misunderstood more than the other signs. We are the Geeks, The Nerds, The A/V squad. We are the heart of the Geek Squad, We are the accountants and librarians and taxmen. We are the Gardeners and the Census takers and the Customer Service Rep that NEVER messes up your order, or KNOWS not only what aisle the left handed brick stretcher is in, but what side, section and shelf.

    We are the file clerks that won't rest until the Boss has the file on his desk at 8 am the next day.

    We are the Eternal Spouses, Loyal to the end, even though the others wold have split MONTHS ago. We are the readers of the 1500 page novels and the spotters of the THREE typoes in the entire work. We are the theoretical physicists who SEE the quantum nature of the universe vibrating through our equations.

    We are the inventers and the tinkerers. We are the rocket scientists. We are the Quality Assurance Team, the Network Engineers, the Antiques Appraisers.

    and I am the one out of steam (pant pant pant)

    Must be nice, Carrabeangirl, I ma married to a Geminian Woman and her scatteredness drives me simply INSANE ... I like my counters clean and laundry folded and stowed away, where she isn't bothered by living out of laundry baskets! GRRR!!! But being cuspy in both sun and ascendant (libra)

    I like to think of myself as the self-proclaimed king of Customer Service. Where ever I am working, If I can make a client/customer smile , I am on top of the world for I have done my job well!

  • Oh, MysticVirgo67, you're so DREAMY! When you talk like that, you make us female Virgoans swoon with every reference of piles of folded laundry, and clean countertops.. oh please, have mercy, a Virgo girl can only take so much of that romantic talk before she wants to become your crispy clean love slave!! Am I right ladies? That's a huge turn on, when guys talk of clean houses and jobs well done , well , that's the stuff fantasy is made of, in my book at least! MV67 , YOU ROCK! ! Please tell us more about Virgo males, cuz, they are a rare breed and I, for one, would like to hear more!!

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