Reading interpretation help please and thank you

  • So I made a reading about the relationship between me and someone who I really feel a connection with. I just asked for insight into the relationship, and this is what I got:

    1. Self: 5 of cups

    2. Significant other: 2 of wands

    3. Situation: queen of coins

    4. Advice: the hanged man

    5. Potential: knight of wands

    May someone please give me their perspective on this reading. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

  • You are currently disappointed, contemplating on what you have lost and not looking at what you still have in life. You may not be ready to start something serious until you realise the 2 cups behind you that are still standing meaning there is still something there, all is not lost! The other person stands at a decision, not sure whether to proceed or not, analysing the situation. The situation is one of creating something material, grounded, it indicates attraction as you said. the advice is to contemplate on this some more, think about everything, reach enlightenment and only then make a move once you have decided what is best. There is potential there but seems like a short lived one, quick and fiery, at the moment doesn't seem like something long lasting but that is only for the moment. Hope this helped.

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