Hello Shuabby.

  • Hi there again. just wanted to touch base w/you. My man is still planning to go over the road here in a couple/few weeks.Like I said before this is devastating to me, and its hard for me to understand how he can be "cool" with it. He says he prefers the open road as opposed to local driving, so i guess he must be excited about it?? but to me its countdown to living ****! I hope you are right and that he misses me too much, as evil as that sounds lol, misery loves company! he has mentioned couple times, "are you going to be able to handle me being truck driver?" "i was like to dont have much choice, do I ? Breaking up with him is just not an option for me, i cant bring myself to dump a man I love so much,and want to be with. and im afraid i may regret it if i did, and over the road doesnt work out for 1 reason or another anyway. so to me its a lose/lose situation. I just pray that the good Lord will take care of it,and that Ill get a happy ending one way or another. I would like some time with him before he goes,but last weekend his current job took him out of state, and this weekend as well! the guys are trying to make money to get down to south carolina,and to get ahead on bills before they leave. I dont have full driving privileges right now, so it will be challenging for me to get to grocery store,etc,,, or anywhere else besides work/school. but hopefully that works itself out. my man's friend's girlfriend(with the 1 year old boy) who also live here with us doesnt have drivers license so she worse off then me cause even when i pay off my reinstatement fee and get full privleges back,i cant guarantee ill have time to drive her around,or even want to at times, you know?

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