Could have just a general reading and understanding of myself?

  • I have been through a lot lately and would like someone to give me anything they pick up. What is needed? Thank you!

  • I did a reading and got "The Queen" --

    The Queen


    You alienated yourself from your ego; it can only be (or has been) reached by means of other people. You are prepared to "sell out" by clinging to someone whose power and strength you suppose will help you. Your in­trinsic sense of self-esteem lacks foundation.

  • Have you been through a lot because of actual outside persons or situations - or simply because of your fears and anxieities of bad things happening to you?

  • Maybe because of my fears and anxieties and not able to say no. I panic.

  • What do you think other people will do if you say 'no' to them?

  • Im not sure. I guess what really is the problem with saying no is I fear Ill miss out on something. An opportunity or what. I am at a point in my life I am 29 turning 30 next year and Im eager to succeed in a career. I have nothing right now. I posted on craigslist. Im looking to get into the film industry. I recieved a response from a radio host who would like me to work on booking guest and researching them. We've emailed back and forth.

  • What sort of talents, abilities and qualifiications do you have?

  • My greatest talent is my artwork. I went to a design school in San Francisco online. I was top artist in my class in highschool my teachers would not leave me alone. I actually had two pieces shown in galleries in Philadelphia has a teenager & was awarded a fuill scholarship to The University of The Arts in Philadelphia. Which I just found out not that long ago and my mother would not allow me to attend the program at that age she didnt want me traveling the train or bus to Philly every week along to get the scohlarship. I had no idea until just recently when I was staying in Philly that that was the school I was suppose to attend to recieve the scholarship. I could cry. Would I be in a different place right now? I dont know.

    Mostly as an artist I am talented. I am extremely observant & good with my hands. My teachers literally stalked me to keep me in my vocational creative classes. I excelled in Horticulture, Cosmetology, everything that involved me being creative and of course art class.

  • I guess I shouldnt dwell on that because Im here now and if i had dont anything differently maybe I would have never beem able to share 12 wonderful years with my dog who just passed away. I need to focus on where Im at and not regret the past 12 years.

  • Have you produced any artwork you could sell now?

  • And yes it's important to focus on what you have rather than what you MAY have lost. We can all only deal with reality, not "what might have been".

  • No I dont have any good work I could sell now. I kinda wanted to let that go and try something else. My biggest problem right now is with everything that happened and my relationship with my family. Ive applied for social security since my melt down. I dont know what to do I am extremely depressed. I want things to work out between my mother and sister and I.

    Ive been on that site Oranum. Thinking of paying for a reading. But some of them seem to only be after the money.

  • Forget it I dont care what happens between me and my sister. She put her friend Nicole as her sister. this is BS I dont need it. I sold myself out in life and feel like killing myself. I hate everyone & everything. I never tell anyone how upset I am about anything cause they throw it in my face. HUMANS are the worst living things in the universe. You prey on peoples feelings.

  • Willow, other people can't make you feel bad. You have a choice of how to respond to them. You can either choose to get angry at their treatment or bad behaviour, or you can choose to realize they are responding from their own pain and that you don't have to take it personally. Nobody can hurt you if you really believe that you are a good and worthy person.

  • ok. I dont know I feel pretty worthless. Whether Im a good person or not I dont know.

  • Believe it or not, everyone on this planet is equal and worthy. No human being is worth more than another.

  • And I am sure your dog loved you. Animals are excellent judges of character.

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