Would someone help me with a finances/career reading please?

  • I am at a stage where my future seems to depend wholly on whether I can become financially independent again or not. Would someone please do a reading for me?

    Thank you,


  • ConfuCap, I am not a tarot reader per se, but I felt drawn to your post. I am feeling a lot of confusion in you that is causing life to not flow well for you. I feel your deep need for order and material planning in your life to make you feel secure (though too much rigid planning will only block your creative flow), and also though you say you desire financial independence, I sense that a part of you is afraid of having the whole financial burden laid upon your shoulders. So while you both want and fear financial independence, your situation will remain 'stuck' until you work through your fears. You have to get over thinking money is 'bad'. Money is just a thing, it will not corrupt you. It's not going to hurt you to go commercial with your talents. Art and business CAN go together, for example.

    There is also a fear in you of not being loved or not being seen as attractive and interesting - you fear rejection and this limits your ability to do anything really creative or daring. And as monogamous as Capricorns are supposed to be, I feel you have a huge issue with the 'confinement' of being with only one person all your life.

  • Captain, thank you so much for your help! You are correct on all counts. I am unhappy in my marriage and I am making my husband unhappy too. I lost my job some time ago, and I feel trapped because if I could support myself I would leave. That said, I am concerned that I might not earn enough money to be able to cover all financial commitments. I have thought long and hard about this and the reasons why my marriage is failing. It is also true that lately I have been feeling insecure and that I am not interesting enough. This mainly regards a specific person. My fear is that once he gets to know the ‘real’ me he will discover that I am not so interesting after all.

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  • ConfuCap, nobody else can make you feel lovable or attractive deep down inside. It is something you have to believe about yourself, and you need to work through any old childhood/growing up experiences where you may have been made to feel unloved, unwanted, stupid, or unattractive that are still affecting you now. It requires putting the past behind you and getting to know yourself as you are now, not as the little child who was at the mercy of adults who maybe didn't realize that they were neglecting or mistreating you. You need to get in touch with your true strengths/abilities and flaws/weaknesses, so that you can use the first to deal with and heal the second. You need to work out who you are and what you can do as an individual - quite apart from being a wife or somebody's potential lover.

  • Also you need to ask yourself if this other man is someone you truly love and want in your life or is he just a way to prove you are still attractive and interesting to someone other than your husband (especially if this guy is a bit of a romantic 'challenge'). If it is the second reason, the relationship would last only until you felt you needed to prove yourself again to someone new.

    What is it YOU want (without taking anyone else into consideration)?

  • Captain, it is definitely NOT about having to prove to myself that someone other than my husband finds me attractive/interesting. I feel like a paradox, because despite having some deep-seated insecurity issues, over the past year and a half I have become happier, more self-confident and felt more attractive than perhaps any other period in my life. This is because I have finally found my passions (i.e. my art medium etc) and they have changed my life. I think this is where the dissatisfaction with my marriage stems from. Because while I am alone (my husband is frequently away) I am usually so happy with my own company. When he comes home, I feel miserable because there is no companionship. I believe I know what I want. Despite being daunted by the financial burden and the pain from ending a marriage, I want my freedom. I want independence. But not to be with another man – not straight away, anyway – to be with myself. While I have extremely strong feelings for this other man, I am not pursuing him. If it is God’s will, one day we will be together. He will come looking for me himself.

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