Opinions please!

  • Last night I had a strange dream. In my dream I saw myself with three children. All of them were girls and they were of african-american background. Then I saw an african-american man laying on a bed. I was holding one of the girls hand. it seemed like all of the three girls were my children and the man was my husband and the father of the girls. On a table there were some rings and I remember that I picked some of them up. one ring was shaped like a clock and the time was wrong so I adjusted it to the right time. Some of the other rings were shaped like a heart and a tiara. I put two of them on my finger. I also saw another man in the room and it seemed like he wanted to be with me.

    Now I feel a little bit confused about this dream but I think this will be my future life. A couple of months ago I had a dream about three children. I saw myself pregnant with a third child, so I think this is a follow up from that dream. I would love some other people opinions about this dream, please!!!!!

  • I feel this was one of your past lives - a very happy one and one that you wish to emulate in your present life. But each life has different lessons and none of them will be exactly the same. Of course if it is your biggest dream to have a loving husband and family in this life, it's up to you to make it come true by attracting it to you through positivity and goal focus.

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