Anyone want to do a reading

  • would love to know if anyone here sees any improvement and happiness in my future

  • Namaste, LB.

    I am guided to offer you the following messages:

    Within you is a wealth of untapped wisdom, a desire to see people and your self merge with peace and love in their hearts. This lends itself to the empowerment of women, reminding all women of their worth, wisdom, and role as creators. Within you is the true desire to reinstate your connection to Source.

    You are being guided to merge your heartbeat with the heartbeat of Mother Earth; this is simply done by spending time in nature. Look to your inner yin and yang for guidance, finding the strength needed to make your own decisions. With only one or the other, we are incomplete. So the feminine needs the strength of the masculine to consciously act with purpose.

    You are being prepared to realise, understand, and embrace the potency of your own intuition and higher levels of knowing. You are more than capable of navigating through life without the support of others.

    So, trust your judgment, direction, and endurance. If you have ever felt abandoned or rejected, remember that you were brought into this world as a result of true and honest Love.



  • How can I make this situation better. I was going thru a hard time about 2 months ago. I had an experience. It was a teaching experience. No matter what, we are all connected. It's how we act towards one another. Being separated, rejected is not good. When someone does this, (or causes another to,) usually it's from pride, jealousy or even greed. How can I change this. On a broad scale, probably can't. But, in your life, you can make a big difference by just realizing that we are supposed to help one another. Have faith like a child believes in their parents. We are the authors of our stories. Sometimes doesn't turn out as planned but it's how we react that helps others and ourselves.

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