• Why do my partner and myself have so much trouble trusting each other? I am not far off being over this because I simply can't tolerate this lack of trust, which I feel comes more from him than me.

    Can anyone see what this is all about? I've talked to him about this, but still it lingers ...

    Thanks again!



  • It's not so much that you distrust each other - it's that you have both gotten into a pattern of distrust from previous experiences. You need to give each other a fresh unbiased chance by not judging each other by former lovers.

  • So we do. I've said this, but it falls on deaf ears ...

  • Your man doesn't want to look at that aspect of himself but it needs to be addressed. There is a lot of 'muck' buried there.

  • I know there is. It is really beginning to cause me to doubt what we have, which is a great pity. But fix it he won't at this point, sadly, and no longer am I prepared to take the blame or responsibility for someone else's mistrust.

  • That's fair.

  • Fair it may be, but it's making me kinda sad!! Ah well ...

    He's taken to waking up at odd hours lately, and going to sleep in my spare bed which is of some worry, although we both snore like trains!!! Still, it bothers me a bit ...

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