Opinions on this tarot reading translation

  • Lovers Tarot Spread; I am a female looking for answers and I have been studying tarot for maybe 5 months. I am intrigued and drawn into this world. I can understand and interpret each card individually, but have a hard time trying to decipher this a message as a whole. Can anyone offer me guidance.

    The spread is a lovers Tarot

    Card 1 : 9 of Pentacles (present)

    Card 2: Death (MY World)

    Card 3: 3 of swords (Lovers World)

    Card 4: 2 of swords (Nature of Issue)

    Card 5: 2 of cups (obstacle)

    Card 6: King of Pentacles (Lessons & Signs)

    Card 7: Sun (Hopes/Fears/desire)

    Card 8: King of Cups (Lovers hopes, fear , desire)

    Card 9: 5 Cups (Challenges)

    Card 10: 5 Pentacles (outcome)

    All my interpretations starts to conform together and then turn to mush. I cannot dissect this reading.

  • Why don't you start by telling your interpretations of the individual cards?

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