Hi Captain!!

  • Hi Captain, I'm hoping you can give me some insight in regard to my family which has brought so much negative in my life..will it get better??

    Also, hoping you can see where my future is with a friend, my birthday is 9/19/65 and he is 1/22/72.

    Thank you SO much!!!


  • Robyngia, whether your family gets better is up to them. It's not up to you to change them - they have to learn their own lessons as we all do. You can help them by being an example of how positivity works. Live well. You can rise above the conflict and problems. Don't get sucked down by a critical or unsupportive family. You have to live your own life regardless of other people's woes, even those of your family. You cannot be of help to them if you are emotionally drained or dragged down by their negativity. You don't need them to take care of you or support you - you can take care of yourself now that you are an adult. It is not other people who can make us feel bad - it is our choice to feel how we want to feel and react. It's no good wishing you had different parents with different values and beliefs. They are who they are. Free yourself from the grip of the past and move on. Carve your own way. Don't become like your parents = be your own person. You are the great communicator so speak up for yourself fearlessly and unashamedly. Be strong, self-confident, and centred, and no one can hurt you.

    Your relationship with this man works best as a friendship. It's a strange blend of accord and dissension. At ease with each other one moment, the two of you can suddenly explode in a spontaneous eruption that leaves others breathless in its wake. Rebelliousness is often the focus of such a relationship, perhaps reenacting old patterns and resurrecting issues from your own families. In a love afair or marriage here, things can quickly boil over. This can add excitement and sensuality, but also psychological and emotional instability - something neither of you is temperamentally equipped to handle. You may be attracted by your friend's imagination and may keep your cool for long periods, but if he pushes you too far, you will spring into attack mode. You are by nature good-tempered and peaceloving but your formidable friend has an authoritarian streak, liking to be the dominant one in a relationship. You will bear this with good humour for a while but if you feel he is picking on you or treating you unfairly, it will arouse your opposition and bring on a confrontation. Such confrontations with him, your family or colleagues are important for reinforcing your self-esteem and confidence, especially if you are able to triumph over those who are picking on you..

  • Thank you so much Captain!!! You were unbelievably right on!!

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