Help and Advice pleaseeee...Life has been quite a challenge

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    I could really, really use some help and guidance in my life. Since 2008 my life has had many challenges and it continues on that path. I am hanging in there but it is starting to wear me down. Can I get some kind of advice as to when life is finally going to get better? Is there light coming my way any time soon and staying for more than a moment? I think that I am a good and caring person so what am I not seeing in myself that needs to be improved? It is my understanding that things happen in life for a reason. I know there is some kind of lesson or lessons that we are to be learning from, so what am I not understanding?

    I try to be forgiving of others, even when they hurt me and lie to me. It is not always easy but I know it is not good to carry anger or seek revenge. I try to keep moving forward in life even when I get knocked down but how long do I have to hold on?

    I was born with a disability which has continued to get worse as I have gotten older. I have helped my family even when they have not always been kind. I try to be helpful and supportive to other people with disabilities because I know how difficult it can be living with a disability. I keep looking for work that will let me become an independent and successful member of society. I try not to be a whiner but some how I keep falling short in life.

    So if anyone could be please help me out with some advice for what my be around the corner, I would be soooooooooooooooooooo grateful!!!!!

    My BD is 01/18/1964 @ 7:34 pm (Ohio).

    Thank you so very much,


  • Want you to know I've drawn cards for you...will be back to give you a reading..

  • Hi Eva, You are a creative person.You are standing your ground over obstacles. This will help you in the long run as I'm getting that you need to pursue something that you're good at on your own. Working at something yourself--8 of coins in situation. You know better than anyone in your life the value of creating and maintaining prosperity/work. You are a victime of your circumstances (hang man in foundation.) You have taken on this responsibility. Actually your challenge is that you're being shown as the queen of cups. Maybe you care a little too much in situations that don't benefit you. You may be wearing your heart on your sleeve when actually you'd do quite well on your own. There has to be light in the darkness. Things will eventually lead to a decision. Justice in future position. When you make this decision, I feel, things will fall into place. What's the decision. Set boundaries with these people that are distancing and turning their backs on you. If you need to move ahead, it's the time to do it. Can you relate to this. Be careful of those who take advantage--they may be people who are close to you and I'm getting a male here.



    above--7 of rods

    situation--8 of coins

    past--page of coins

    challenges--queen of coins


    blocks--10 of rods

    friends--king of cups

    advice--king of swords

    outcome--knight of coins

    Does someone close to you in some way actually discourage you on some level...

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