Help to understand TAURUS man

  • Hello i am an Aquarius woman and i need help to understand what is happening here

    He invited me out, to his best friend engagement party. We met in February this year

    at out first date he brought with him his ex girlfriend, they started to have an argument about her new boyfriend. i was in car with the two of them so i couldn't escape. i met straight away everyone around him, his best friends, brother, mother, dad, etc. i stayed straight on first date in his family home. On the same day we had massive fight regarding the ex girlfriend a he couldn't stop speaking about it, i asked him if he still like her he say no but then kept talking about her. After a few hours i told him i couldn't be with him as i felt not safe with the relationship.

    One night, , he came to my home overly exited, we had **** that night, he was sweating like river. It was a

    as soon the **** stop he called me idiot again and get disrespectful with me again. i blow that night and throw things at him , i told him to get out

    I kicked him with my bags and he attacked me back, the police was called that night

    and since we havent seeing each other

    but it's now been 6 months and he keep in touch with me

    Txt me every 2 weeks and ask me to meet up

    whatever i say it never work

    this sunday we were supposed meeting

    but because i did not see him for a very long time i told him we can only be friends right now, nothing more

    He then started to be very mean toward me again

    during the conversation he told me he was in relationship with another girl for 3 months and just broke up with her 3 weeks ago

    but he was in touch with me the whole time

    he keep contacting me and when i start replying saying to me to not contact him anymore when it's him that contact me first

    i told him i am going on holiday and with no shame he tells me [ if you get me a ticket i come with you... or i want you to get me a dog]

    i feel his very hurt by the fight with the police and are looking ways to hurt me.

    he seem so confuse in his head about woman

    he told me him and his ex girlfriend met when he had a girlfriend himself, he seem to like the attention of two women in same time

    and still do the same now, he told me he fall for someone else but kept sending intimate txt to me in same time

    can someone advice me how i can deal with this guy as i am confuse to what to do

    i can see his a player but i also see his hurt

    i dont know if i need to let it go or there is a chance i can heal our issues

    Thank you

  • Why would you want to be with a man who has other women besides you? Why would you sleep with someone who has not been paying you attention and instead pays more attention to his ex? This is an abusive situation and you need to get out. When he contacts you, just don't reply at all. He'll eventually get the message. His being hurt is no excuse for his being a player. Stop excusing him. You cannot help him, he has to help himself and he isn't willing to do so. Don't put up with this degrading abuse, Star.

  • Thank you Captain, i was kind wondering when you were going to come into my way 🙂

    Thank you for the reply

    I build up those high walls i dont know anymore who is real, for sure his not, you should hear him swearing at me like a speed up machine ahah it's like there is no "stop button" in it lol

    I been feeling the guidance and protection and Angel Michael and been focusing my energy back to me

    i have forgiven through this person for behaving this way and wished him well.

    it's all ok 🙂

    Thank you

  • I think you have only known abusive men and so you don't recognize men who aren't that way.

  • I am very sorry Captain i like you but this is really not true

    I know when a man is abusive i know but i am only human and sometimes for some reason you get attach and it take time to let go but i do know the difference

    Please go easy on advice you give, i say this with kindness

    Even the strongest fighter got their weakness

    Thank you

  • Sorry, but you don't see this guy is being abusive to you. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't point this out to you. You constantly excuse his behaviour, though he treats you with disrespect and unkindness.

  • Captain i am sorry but it's you that is not seeing that i see what his doing

    I really appreciate your help and advice and taking on board

    but all i am saying is we only human and something don't switch over night

    i know his no good for me that's why i left him, i am fed up people not giving me credit especially people that don't know me

    judging people from far is very easy when its not you but it's not healthy.

  • If you left him, then why are you arguing about this guy?

  • I am sorry Captain, i do not see where i am arguing, i prefer to speak to someone else, thanks for your help

    I do not like speaking to people that i do not feel are showing any compassion but just good to judge

  • Hello Star2u,

    May I interject an observation/perspective here? First, I understand that you are perhaps in an emotional challenge right now where here man is concerned and direction that is likely best to take. Any time our hearts or emotions are engaged in a situation it can be a struggle to sometimes see all angles/perspectives clearly, the ole "can't see the forest for the trees" clique, if you will 🙂

    In TheCaptain's defense however, let me say, I have been around these forums for quite sometime and one thing I can attest to is that she definitely has care, compassion and sincerity for the souls that she ministers to here 😉 BUT the other thing I can say about her too is that is is NOT one to tell folks what they may want to hear or to say to them what will soothe their egos or be what they want to hear. She will however, and her track record speaks for itself, tell one what they NEED to hear! She tends to ASK very TOUGH questions of those that come here. Unfortunately that may not come across to some as the 'popular' approach but it is the NECESSARY approach if one truly wants to grow and evolve from their current place of pain, confusion, doubt, fear or whatever the case may be. I know that it is tough to hear our truths played back to us, but honestly when I read your dialog at the beginning of this thread, I too was wondering why would you even want to continue to give this guy the time of day.

    Here is and excerpt of the last comment you make:

    "......can someone advice me how i can deal with this guy as i am confuse to what to do

    i can see his a player but i also see his hurt".......

    So it does make one think that you are still involved with this man that doesnt deserve you. He obviously does not have any self respect, let alone respect for you and it hurts to see you go through and be subjected to this type of treatment from some one when all you want and need it love! However the reality is that we do attract the very people into our lives that reflect our own feeling for ourselves. So unless we have a healthy/sincere love for ourselves,we will always attract people into our environment who mirror our own inner feelings about ourselves.

    My admonition to you is not to run or go away when things/questions are difficult or probing, because they serve to help us and give us the necessary perspectives that make for healing and growth moving forward 🙂 In all honestly, the answers you need for healing and enlightenment lie within you, you just need to tap in and discover your solutions. People like TheCaptain and others can help to orchestrate this. Most people's intentions here are sincere and helpful 🙂

    Many blessings and awakenings I wish for you Star2U!


  • Jesus Christ i never said she is wrong, it look people become some sort team when someone has another view ..sad

  • Star, this very discussion clearly shows that you don't know when people are trying to help you and when they are trying to hurt you. And that is a very very important life lesson to learn for survival.

  • Well captain it clearly show when you don't know you been abusive yourself and don't like when people don't praise you and agree with you

    upsetting people and judging them doesn't help, thank you,

    you need to hear when you become too much and back away as you seem so obsesses to be right and for other to follow your way

    in this life people listen when they don't feel attack and judge and i feel attack and judge by you

    i honestly do not feel you showing any sort compassion but just judge a situation you are not in, so easy to speak from far

    so would it be possible you leave me at peace now please as clearly i will not take any of your advice at heart as it comes as judgmental and attack

    if you want to help leave me alone

    surely you can understand that

  • Hi Star2u.

    I read this post, and i was not sure the same person was posting with the same name.

    Star you have done many posts ,

    Stating how men are, and how to be, i thought you to be confident and assure of you, now you going against the better grain of you.

    If your on a date, why would a guy bring his girlfriend ?

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