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  • Posted on the relationship forum but maybe someone here can help as well...

    I'm a Taurus female 5-03-82

    He is a Libra 10-14-83

    Been arguing so much over the smallest things and it's usually me getting mad over everything! Will things get better? We both want a future and have talked marriage will we get there some day? So frustrated with myself I love this man but feel I'm pushing him away...

  • Well, the good news about this relationship is that it can manifest dramatic breakthroughs by virtue of the issues it brings to the surface and prompts you two to deal with. Other couples may take years to accomplish what you achieve in half the time. The bad news is that it's not a good relationship for love. A matchup here can be close but trying. Your man needs lots of attention, but far from all the time - when he needs it though, he has to get it no matter what. He needs a partner who won't put heavy demands on him, is quite independent, and has strength of character. You meet this bill quite handily and you will also benefit from learning your partner's social skills, using his contacts and being entertained by them.

    Yet a love affair or marriage here can be bound up in a shroud of unreality or fantasy. It can seem as if the relationship is perfect for a while, but the results can be illusory and destructive. The main problem here will be conflict with the demands of everyday reality, social pressures, and the perceptions of family and friends who will not see the 'perfection' in the relationship that you see. Also your partner is not good with dealing with more responsible or serious issues and this may fall on your sturdy shoulders, which will not endear him to you. His indecisiveness and muddled thinking can drive you crazy too. He on the other hand wants a partner with whom he can engage on a mental and philosophical level and you are more earthy, physically oriented, and practical. You do want to be recognized for your intelligence, yet your thinking will not match your partner's different way of seeing things.

    Basically this relationship will last until reality sets in - and it sounds like it has already started.

  • Thanks Captain!

    I believe you gave me similar insight when things were starting between me and him but at the time I had his wrong birthdate. 😕

    I agree about him dealing with serious issues he is so indecisive and passive it does drive me nuts. I'm all about tell me what to do and I'll do it, tell me what I did wrong and I'll try to fix it. I guess it upsets me when he doesn't react the same way. I know I can't change him and don't want to but do feel we both need to compromise when we argue. Our relationship is different than any other I've been in and in the short time we have accomplished so much together when we are able to communicate about our issues our relationship grows stronger just like you mentioned. I don't think we are at the point of breaking things off but I'm tired of the arguing.

    Captain I was so sure I found my match am I really just living in fantasyland?

  • That is for you to decide. If you are annoyed by his ways now, it won't get any better if you marry.

  • Thanks Captain!!

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