Am I driving my Libra man crazy? Taurus/Libra love...

  • So frustrated with myself I'm madly, deeply in love with my Libra boyfriend who is the sweetest most patient guy but I can't stop picking fights with him. Our relationship is somewhat new we've been together about 4 months. I am normally not a jealous person but with him everything drives me bananas! I am afraid I'm tarnishing our relationship and know I need to change my ways but I can't help it.

    Why am I doing this? Will we overcome it or am I pushing him away? I know he cares deeply for me and usually gets over things very quickly never holding resentment which I appreciate. I love him a lot and want this to work he is very passive and me not so much which i feel is the problem. I think i pick a fight to get a reaction which is rediculous what do you guys think? Any insight would be great!

    I'm Taurus 5-03-82

    He is Libra 10-14-83

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello [Taurusgirl] well you kind have the answer to your question here, you need to stop picking fight if you doing it no? 🙂 My ex is a Taurus and all he does with me is fight with me and it put me so off

    We have issues and he keep contacting me but all he does is upsetting me

    This kind thing just ruin a relationship and push people away you got the answer

    Why you doing this only you can say so whats the reason?

    But you need to ask yourself why you feel you dont get enough attention from him or why you feel the need to fight with him

    What is going on, is he doing something that provoque you or something

    whats going on?

  • Things were great until one day one of his old "hook ups" showed up at his place while I was there. I answered the door and she pretended to be looking for someone else, he lied and told me he didn't know who she was. I found out the truth after I seen a text he sent a friend explaining the situation. I felt betrayed I know he has been faithful and don't think he has cheated or would cheat but the fact he lied to me over and over about not knowing her hurt me so much. I guess the girl got wind of the problem she caused and she called me to let me know nothing was going on with them, yes they had dated a couple months back but he stopped taking her call and texts and she was just checking up on him.

    That's when all our problems started.. I had a different impression of him when I met him he made it seem like he hadn't dated anyone in a while he said hardly no one had met his son, family etc... Well turns out that wasn't the truth my little Libra man was popular with the ladies before me and after being nosy snooping around his house ( i know this was wrong) I came to realize he down played his past. As weird as it sounds I trust him I can't blame him for his past if he was dating one girl or 5 at the same time it shouldn't matter he didnt have a committment with anyone. Now that he has a committment to me what matters is his word, he has done everything in his power to fix our trust issue and has been very patient but it seems like I'm still hurt by it all.

    I think ur right about me wanting his attention especially when we argue he is so passive it provokes me to argue more. I know our love will get us through but I also know if this continues it is going to tarnish what we have and leave ugly feelings.

    Are you a Libra as well? If so how do you like to be approached when an issue arises?

  • Hello [Taurusgirl]

    Hum ok i am Libra but Aquarius maybe you can help me understand my Taurean guy i hurted but hey i decide last night our relationship is done

    Ok, now back to you Listen Lady, always trust your feeling, your feeling knows the truth

    Listen, if i was in your shoes i will feel exactelly the same and the fight wont stop ever

    1. About the girl that just passed to know how he was, Bulls..te, she came for something else

    Maybe he did not tell her he was seeing someone something that doesnt surprise me about Libra man they are very popular

    you , yourself know that truth inside but dont want to believe it

    Well the girl had many girlfriends, yet well that important to know as you dont want a guy that run around dont you? when you have your back turn.

    I think you are upset for good reason darling and it's good to be caution here darling

    My advice to you is drop the suspect eyes at front

    Keep your eyes open by not telling him you do

    investigate who he is by watching his move

    stop behaving insecure as yes you have good reason to be worry but remember it's not attractive to have a woman at home nagging and insecure and checking all your move

    Your behaviour may pushing to another woman and he will justify it by blaming it on you

    so BACK AWAY and relax

    behave more confidently by saying with your behaviour i am worth it, if you mess up again i drop you like a dirty hate brother

    you dont have to fighting with him for him to know that

    become independent, dress nice, smile, go out

    let him worry now that you may find something better, STOP BE on his case

    it's not the way to play it

    I understand why you worry but this is just going to ruin things

    relax be loving

    let him know you are the real thing and those other girls they are just up to standard darling

    why you worry, he should be worrying to mess up such gorgous girl

    we dont need to fight with men to get what you want and for them to know it will be over if he slip again ok

    if you are very confident and gorgeous and everything, that guy is going to feel the pressure that if he mess with you he will lose you in minute


    and yes you right to worry, Libra man like firting but like Gemini they like seduction, seductive letters, charm etc.. they love women what can you do 🙂

    just keep up with yoursel lady, be a better woman, dont worry he know what he got just remind him again 🙂

  • Lady Taurus, ... you need to remember if this guy is with you is because he know you worth it, now by you behaving insecure and fighting him you making him less attracted to you

    so cheer up, he wont be with you if he did know you worth it

    stay cool and just check him out make sure he is not doing anything nasty behind your back but keep a cool front

    Ok if i was you and that girl came in looking for him, i smile, open the door, call him and say someone is looking for you and smile and watch the body language

    let him and her making a fool of themself

    i give him the attitude: boy if you want her, go i wont stop you, so make up your mind fast

    next day i call a guy friend to come for a drink at home, let him know his not the only one that can pull a game

    dont fight him and argue, argue for what, you cant stop the guy if he want to be with someone else come on

    thats not the way you keep a guy

    you keep a guy by letting know you know your worth and if he doesnt know it you find someone else that will know and wont mess you around

    thats it

    i believe you absolutely right to be upset the boy was up to something smelly man, come on 🙂

    who he is fooling lol

    and that girl, oh i am looking for something i would have say, yeah there he is

    you guys have a good night i am going out , piss off what is that all about lol

    he like attention too

  • Star,

    Oh my goodness you had me tooling in laughter!! Thanks I needed that... I should have pulled the drink trick and had a friend over real quick huh? Lol

    Ooohhh trust me I let it be known that I don't stand for that! I may be in love but I'm not dumb if a girl is knocking on your door asking for some random person but trying to take a peek inside interested in who I am! Something was defenitley not right and that's exactly what I did I answered the door when I noticed his reaction when he seen her at his door step. Since she acted like she was looking for someone else they both played dumb so I couldn't do or say anything right then and there. As soon as she drove off I asked him calmly who she was when he lied I told him calmly again that I was not some dumb little girl and when he "remembered" who she was he should call me but until then I was gone. I left soon after....

    You are right she didn't know he was in a relationship when she called me she was completely honest with me. She told me she had met him a couple months back they went out on a couple dates 4 to be exact and she really started liking him. He told her he was going out of state for work and would call her which he did leave out of state but he never called when he returned his way of dropping her I guess. They share a mutual friend who told her he was back in town which is why she went to check on him. She was angry at him as well cuz I guess in her head she thought when he came back they would pick up where they left off. His version is that he met her before me which she confirmed and as soon as we started dating he dropped her which according to her timeline it seems like the truth. He felt bad telling her he met someone so he just dropped her. I understand him being shocked this psycho girl is knocking on his door not to be mean but he had even blocked her number which she also confirmed when I asked why she came to his house to check on him instead of just call... But still he had no reason to lie to my face he should have just been honest and I would not have just understood but laughed at the situation. I'm not an insecure person and would have seen it for what it was.... Sometimes it's hard getting rid of someone from the past and mine and his relationship was so new I would have understood and appreciated his honesty.

    As for my suspect eye... Oh trust me he has no clue I feel silly for snooping would be embarrassed if he knew... Like you said I don't want him to see me as this crazy insecure girlfriend that's not me I play it smart he has no idea. I just hate that our relationship has come to this I trust him I really do maybe others wouldnt but he has bent over backwards to gain my trust. He ade a dumb mistake hes allowed one lol but i made it clear any more lies i dont care how small im out! I guess I'm still very hurt by it all.

    Thanks for your advice I'm gonna keep it in mind I never knew Libras were flirts someone should have warned me! Lol

    Tell me what is it that you want to know about us Taurens?..

  • *rolling in laughter ;D sorry abt that..

  • LadyTaurus, we women are good to want to hear and believe what we want then look at who is really responsible here

    i think you need to keep a step back with this guy

    this girl could be you, she was played obvisously by him and he drop her with no thank you or Fu.. you, it;s bad

    when he guy do bad thing he call the other girl crazy or psycho but the only psycho is maybe him

    be careful

    He lied because he was up to something thats is the truth otherwise like you said he would have said the truth and you both would have laugh about it

    some guy and many guys like to keep their option open especially when the relationship is new

    my ex just did that to me, he kept in contact with me since we broke up and told me he missed me and wanted to see me for this and that but in same time he was seeing another girl for 3 months


    Libra men yes love to firt, they love women, with this guy try to keep your heart in small safe glass right now and take it easy

    his lucky that would be me i would have ask him in his face in front of her

    man play bad games, in front of you his sorry in bad his saying to her his sorry thats how some girl get lock in, the best in to confront him right there and then

    if he did not say goodbye to her properly that was his chance [ lucky him :)]

    he didnt say anything to her because he wanted to keep his option open, simple

    what i wanted to know about Taurean, my ex and i broke up after we had few diffcult issues

    He invited me out, to his best friend engagement party. We met in February this year

    at out first date he brought with him his ex girlfriend, they started to have an argument about her new boyfriend. i was in car with the two of them so i couldn't escape. i met straight away everyone around him, his best friends, brother, mother, dad, etc. i stayed straight on first date in his family home. On the same day we had massive fight regarding the ex girlfriend a he couldn't stop speaking about it, i asked him if he still like her he say no but then kept talking about her. After a few hours i told him i couldn't be with him as i felt not safe with the relationship.

    One night, , he came to my home overly exited, we had **** that night, he was sweating like river. It was big passion, it is big passion between us

    as soon the **** stop he called me idiot again and get disrespectful with me again. i blow that night and throw things at him , i told him to get out

    I kicked him with my bags and he attacked me back, the police was called that night, well called by me

    and since we havent seeing each other, i though i got ride of him finally

    but it's now been 6 months and he keep in touch with me

    Txt me every 2 weeks and ask me to meet up

    whatever i say it never work and we never seen to be able to resolved our issues

    he is so hurt and upset at me

    this sunday we were supposed meeting

    but because i did not see him for a very long time i told him we can only be friends right now, nothing more

    He then started to be very mean toward me again

    during the conversation he told me he was in relationship with another girl for 3 months and just broke up with her 3 weeks ago

    but he was in touch with me the whole time

    he keep contacting me and when i start replying saying to me to not contact him anymore when it's him that contact me first [ i know crazy] he smoke weeds so that must be it 🙂

    i told him i am going on holiday and with no shame he tells me [ if you get me a ticket i come with you... or i want you to get me a dog]

    i feel his very hurt by the fight with the police and are looking ways to hurt me.

    he seem so confuse in his head about woman

    he told me him and his ex girlfriend met when he had a girlfriend himself, he seem to like the attention of two women in same time

    and still do the same now, he told me he fall for someone else but kept sending intimate txt to me in same time

    How can you see how i should deal with this idiot please?

    i can see his a player but i also see his hurt, his upset at me and i feel his not over me, if he keep contacting me all the time to meet up , no way he can be over me

    he keep fighting with me, i cant win

    i dont know if i need to let it go or there is a chance i can heal our issues

    The thing is since yesterday the planet have grow 🙂 i realise we cant heal, he slept with someone else and maybe sleeping with someone else now again

    i cant deal with that

    i may have kick him but he looked for it, his looking excuse to behave badly toward me

    still i dont get him, you are a Taurus maybe you get why he keep in touch with me and seem not ready to let go

    he tell me he doesnt want me in his life but keep contacting me

    i think he simply hate me and his just messing around with me or something

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