Captain could i have a career reading please ?

  • Hi Captain ,

    I was wondering do you know of any jobs in Australia where you can work from home at all ? I need something like this as i still have young children at school .and i have no one to watch them in the school holidays . Or do you see me doing anything like this in future at all . I would really appreaciate your insight

    Many thanks in advance Loap

  • Do you have typing skills, because there are loads of data entry, transcribing (audio into the printed materials), manuscripting, or typing up assignments for uni students etc that you can do from home?

    Or you could be an eBay (or similar) entrepreneur...buying and selling things you have at home but no longer use or even buying new things to sell. Or sell your own products if you are good at crafts. Are you a good gardener or cook - maybe sell seeds or cookies from home via the net?

    If you are already looking after some children, maybe you could take on a few more? A daycare centre needn't be large. One or two kids a day could pay very well.

    You just have to capitalize on your talents and abilities, which can often be translated into a job from home.

    Try the employment agencies too - seek, mycareer, and careerone give advice on their websites to stay-at-home mums.

  • I have thought about babysitting at home but there are rules and regulations for that now and your house has to have certain safety standards and it would cost me a fortune .not to mention all the rigmarol that i would have to go through . I will check out the seek my career website.

    Thanks again Captain for your help i really appreaciate it .

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