Captain: update plus closure

  • Today I called my mother rather than send a letter as I thought it faster and more efficient. I told her that her recent attempt to sabotage my job security has resulted in me breaking off from her and that she will not hear from me again. She was nasty, and her response was, "well, good." She then blamed me for every conflict we've had, and tried to make it sound like I'm crazy.'s time for me to move on and I know the reality of the situation is that she may never gain clarity or change her attitude, but the only way for me to move forward with my life is to not engage with her anymore.

    Thank you so much for your time and really means alot...

  • Good luck to you - without this negativity in your life, you will make great progress. Your mother is full of poison and it's not fair of her to try and poison you too.

  • Thank you, Captain, I feel the same way.

    What I will never understand, though, is how a mother can act this way towards her child. But I chalk it up to severe imbalance in her chemistry.

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