• Hi again all,

    Like a lot of us, I am feeling like my body is going to pieces, and it usually is the lower body, ie legs, feet, lower back. On reading up on this, it seems this could mean that I am not going in the direction I'm meant to in life.

    I wonder if any of you can get some sense of whether I am on the wrong path (work wise, or other), or some other reason why I'm constantly getting problems in my lower body?

    Thanks so much in advance!



  • moon 50

    generally when the back is affected the legs are affected to, it is like if we lose balance,

    the captain, has articules on the laws of attraction, it states that when our backs hurt to ask our

    selves who we are allowing to hurt us,

    if you are interested in reading the articules, click on her name, i believe this is in the first of four parts that she sent in,

    who are you allowing to hurt you?

    i pray u feel better, and whatever or whoever, you find your answers,


  • Thank you ramonita. It is definitely food for thought. I swing between "is it someone trying to hurt me" or "am I refusing to leave the past behind?" Louise Hay says legs, feet, etc represent our ability to move forward in life.

    Or maybe I'm just doing too much and my poor back can't take it anymore 🙂

    Either way, hopefully, this painful patch will end and I and others suffering similarly, will be able to move forward with joy and hope rather than fear and suffering.



  • Perhaps the question is "Who from my past still has the power to hurt me and stop me from moving forward - and why?"

  • captain,

    would not u agree that if someone from her past still has the power to hurt her, it is because she

    is allowing it


    i pray that you find the answers, and difently are able to move on to a better quality of life,

    i read somewhere where you wrote you have a good man now,

    sit back, and enjoy what you have now, may god bless you and help u, all the way,


  • 🙂 Hola! Just sayinjg hello!

  • Ramonita, like the saying goes "If I did not value your opinion or need your approval, you would not have the power to hurt me."

  • dear Moon 50

    I empathize because this has affected me as well but im feeling better now, partly from letting go .

    .I checked with Archangel Raphael cards for you. The first one says Have Faith: Optimism and faith in prayer will help you recover very fast. Secondly,"organic foods" came up. You must be very sensitive to chemicals to receive this message say the cards, especially to pesticides in food. No harm in trying organic foods instead and eliminating any offending chemicals from your house and general regimen. And thirdly, the cards speak of your connection with children.

    Healing prayers and Light

  • Moon, make sure you keep your back straight as I feel that your body is in a constant state of tension, your torso almost hunched over as if to protect you from a blow. You still hold the fear that things will suddenly go wrong, fall apart. Your tension will ease and your body will allow itself to relax when you realize that the past IS the past and that life really can go well for you now. You have learnt the lessons of the past so as to be able to avoid or overcome the same situations in the future.

  • Thank you ALL. I know who it is who still has the power to hurt me, and it is my parents and my ex husband. I am trying so hard to let this go; to not let them have the power to continue to hurt me, but it is not easy considering my daughter lives with my ex and I see her very little due to final year commitments at school. I am over this continual feeling that I am powerless in this situation, but can see no real solution to it.

    Captain, I agree totally to comment about my torso. I have held it IN for years due to parental criticism about being "fat" and have found that that is causing me to breathe wrongly. However, yeras of doing things this way are weighing heavy and proving difficult to get rid of.

    Plus lack of trust between myself and my current partner, and I really feel like nothing is worth it anymore. We are together, but ... still there is the lack of trust and in honest truth, I feel like it comes more from him than me.

    However, we'll see what time brings.

    I keep hoping ... and thank you all for your time and care.

    Bless you!



  • moon 50,

    i am so happy for you, that u figure it out, have faith that you can and will move past it,

    i have always believe that faith moves mountains,

    a million cheers for you,


  • Thanks again ramonita! It's a tall order, but one that needs to BE GONE 🙂 They have no real hold over me anymore, and after spending time with my daughter last night helping her to write a ballad I feel a bit more hopeful. Also talked to my partner again this morning and feel better for it ... and funny enough, did not wake up in pain today YEEHA!




  • You can only be hurt by people whose opinion you value or from whom you need approval. Get past that and no one can hurt you.

  • moon 50

    that is great news,

    more cheers for you


  • Jumping in kind of late, Hugs MOON, glad you are feeling better I often have aches in my spine and neck and I can emapthize with you greatly, I hope you are feeling better and continue to let the past be just that the past. It isn't easy I so understand. We sometimes need to remember that even though we are moms we need to send love to ourselves too. People can just suck the breathe right out of us as we are easily sensative to moods and atmospheres around us. Stand tall sweets you deserve to be happy!!!!!

    Loves and happy thoughts


  • Thank you cancergirl. It is true; us Cancerians are very sensitive to others moods, etc, and will often suck 'em in without realising it. I've been back at work the last couple of days, and apart from feeling a bit sore in the back area from tiredness, all is good.

    I am trying to be conscious of my posture and straightening up, but gee, something so small can be so BIG to actually do!

    Lots of hugs back to you 🙂



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