I am a new member

  • Hello everyone, I feel a bit silly here, I have never posted to a forum before. I have dabbled in astrology for most my life (37 years) and may have some insight as well as ask for some. It is easier sometimes to make sence of others "stuff" than to see your own. Anyway since I don't really know what I am doing and want to participate, show me the way in computer land please

  • I am new today too! Just grab a forum and reply to a post, I guess thats what you do. I find it helpful to check out the "latest discussions" forum from the drop down menu. Good luck.

  • Thanks, I am finding my way around a bit better today. Had to save to favs for fear of not finding where I posted to start with. I feel a bit out of date, can use the computer for some things, but still have a lot to learn about the communication part. Maybe we will bump into each other again bella02. Funny, my youngest son (19), had the nick name of bella as a baby. Nothing to do with his name at all but a turm of enderment from one of his caregivers. She was an older Italian lady.

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