Cobra Update 8-5-12…”Window of Opportunity 2″

  • Second Window of Opportunity for divine intervention is about to open on planet Earth. The entry point of that window is Day of Decision on October 21st. The turning point for that window is the Eleventh Gate of 11:11 on November 22nd. The exit point of that window is Day of the Contact on December 21st. While this window is open, the Source will be sending constant flashes of Light directly to Earth through linear phasar flow direct dimensional translation system of AN conversion. On December 21st, AN conversion dimensional translation system will be fully functional on this planet.

    This time window is a very probable time frame for the Event. I can give you no guarantees that the Event will happen within this time frame, as we live in free will universe and the war between Light and Dark on this planet is not over yet. However, this Window of Opportunity is exatly that – a great opportunity that we as a collective make this breakthrough.

    It is not the time yet to speak about the Day of Decision and Day of the Contact. They may or may not be related to the First Contact.

    Eleventh Gate of 11:11 is the final dimensional gate within the doorway of the 11:11. It is a dimensional gateway that accelerates the final completion of duality for this dimensional universe, including planet Earth. You can read more about 11:11 here:

    Complexity wave analysis shows that this time frame is one of the most complex periods in the known history. Also, Sheliak timewave goes to zero at the end of this window and a major Mayan calendar cycle is reset back to zero as well. This means that it will be the most volatile, inpredictable time with greatest potential ever. All the major players are involved and stakes are high.

    This is one possible model how things could develop:

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    Comment by LöncsVezér:

    …I thought you might be interested in some explanations of concepts I received from Cobra earlier in a private message and he told me now it’s no problem to include them here:

    The explanations:

    ■linear phasar flow=flow of light that does not oscillate, goes directly

    ■dimensional translation system= a system that translates information between various dimensions

    ■AN conversion= a stargate technology that is based on direct transmission of energy

    ■nonlinear phasar thrust inversion/conversion=oscillating flow of light that crosses dimensions and at the dimensional threshold gets turned inside out

    ■electric surge into a Earth light body=a flash of Light from the galactic central sun that will surge through Earth at the time of the First Contact

    ■Cosmic Syncronization=planet Earth gets aligned with the rest of the Galaxy and the Universe with its vibrational frequency

    ■Tachyonic alignment=tachyons become information carrier particles instead of photons

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