Question for my son

  • Hello everyone. I know I have asked this before but my heart just hurts for my son. He seems so sad and lonely. Is there anyone on the horizon for him or is he just going to be alone for the rest of his life? His ex has just killed what little self confidence he had. She is pretty miserable herself now but the damage seems to done for him. I just can't believe there is no one for him. Any help or info would be appreciated. His name is Jeremy dob 2/16/77. God bless you all.


    I feel that Jeremy is being reclusive to heal. He needs some time to reflect on what has happened and than release and accept to move forward. He will recover and in the next six months he will begin to be attracted to events that he may not have ever considered before like healing groups and also I feel he will start to go to church or listen to inspirational speakers, which will help him a lot. He will not want his ex to be in his life when he has recovered himself in a new and better way. In a relationship both parties are to blame in some way.

    I feel he will meet a woman that has a lot of light around her meaning she is inspirational and he will need this healing and finding his way to her which is about six months away from him. He does have a brighter love life coming to him, after he has done some inner work.


  • Thanks Shaubby. It has been almost 5 years so I do hope he pulls himself together soon.

  • cathylee,

    It does take a good five years for people to heal after major life changes. There are stages of healing that we all go through: Anger, Sorrow, Acceptance and Moving Forward.

    If you have a concern that your son is stuck and cannot move forward than I would suggest that you talk to him about spiritual consuling. You may think that he is not doing well and really he may be making breakthroughs in his own way. Talk with him and see if you walk away feeling much better, if not than suggest the consuling and why you think he should seek it.


  • Jeremy has never been big into spiritual things. I just don't know if he would even consider it. He does not like to talk about the past. I will keep trying to get him out of his shell but it is difficult to broach the subject. He is still pretty angry that many knew his marriage was in trouble but no one talked to him about it. He pretty much broke off all his friends. He still has no real friends that he does anything with.

  • cathylee,

    Anger is a real road blocker. Talking about the past is like scraping open a healing wound.

    I understand he must feel very lonely cutting off with all friends, it is always that way , that we are the last to know when problems at home at there and they are not seen through eyes that are clouded with so many other things, sometimes selfish ones, thinking to much about ourselves and not enough about others in our lives, than boom everything starts to crash down and in and the person is left with ashes like the phoniex bird and has to rebuild their lives.

    Jeremy doesn't have to be spiritual to seek healing. He may need to find good people to be around like a community group that has things in common with him. Perhaps a group that has gone through divorce. Suggest to him that he find a church and go to the begrivment classes to help him to let go and start to live again. He also needs to get outside himself and do something for someone else in a good way, like joining Big Brother and helping a young child gain some insight about life through his help.

    He does have talent and I feel it is in writing or even music if he will open himself to it.

    When you get up in the morning may I suggest that you ask Arch Angel Michael to be with Jeremy to protect him from negative thoughts and actions of his own mind and those around him.

    I will pray for him too. Please let me know when Jeremy turns the corner and renews his life.


  • Thanks Shaubby. You have been a great help. I will let you know what happens.

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