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  • Hello Shuabby just wanted to give you an update on your readings. I have been promoted, as you have predicted and the man that you said would be my husband.. well we did keep it as friends for a bit, but eventually started dating again and made it official. I broke up with him after 2 months... I think he has no intention on marrying anyone (I found an email to his ex that he was looking for a "partner" to spend his life with and he fits all the traits of a potential abuser down the line, both mentally and physically, among many other skeletons. When I broke up with him, he responded by apologizing and saying there were some things in his mind that he tried to ignore but it just made things worse.

    I did not respond and I already deleted him from all my social media to try and forget him. Problem is, he still has a photo of us together on Facebook (he does not have photos with any of his other exes on Facebook), and his relationship status has not changed in another social network. I feel as if he keeps me on there to make his ex jealous (she has the same name as me and we look similar), and/or he is planning something. What are his intentions and feelings towards me?

  • ariespiscesacquarius,

    His intentions are to let you calm down and than to contact you again. I would say in about a month. You are correct in what you feel about this man and he did care about you but he is not marriage material at all and may never be due to his being able to attract woman that he can use, it is what is called a pattern that he may not even be able to break.

    Luckey for you that you will move on and find another man just the reverse of him. I feel the man you will meet will be an average looking man , no stand out somewhat round as he likes to eat a good meal. He is grounded and not a user , I feel he has a grown son that you will like as well.

    Amor Amor


  • Thank you Shuabby. What would be the best way to handle this when he does try to contact me again? He is not stable, and I don't want to risk my safety or reputation, but I want him to get better and seek professional help.

  • ariespiscesaquarius

    Since you are saying he has anger issues and could be out of control when he doesn't get what he wants you may need to try not to talk to him at all. If you feel you should than handle him with kid gloves and don't think that you are his healer. I think you know better than that now.

    Tell him that you feel you can not handle his anger and that you suggest he seek professional help. If that sets him off than tell him you do not want to talk to him any longer and if you feel he will come after you , get a restraining order against him. hard lessons learned through him my dear.


  • Thank you Shuabby, I need to understand what I can and cannot do and ignoring him would be best. Karma will pay him a visit (and I suspect it is already occurring), and there's nothing I can do about that but learn from the experience and make myself the best person I can be. You have a very calming effect on me Shuabby, and I thank you for being my guide during the dark moments of my life.

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