Shuabby,if you have time:)

  • Shuabby

    I have been feeling completely drained of energy for the last two months, with flu like symptome off and on. Nothing much showed up on tests. Please can you tell me if you get anything on what I can do to improve this and catch up with my studies.

    Thanks and hope all is fine at your end.

  • suramya,

    I am not a medical intutitive but I do feel like this is your body reaction to stress. Are you getting enough rest, eating well and not drinking coffee drinks or red bull to get you through the day? Study needs a clear rested well fed brain to absorb information. Mulit -vit would'nt hurt either.

    Take Care,


  • thanks Shuabby,that made perfect sense:)

    How are you doing? Can I read for you if you have a question?

    Thanks,Love and Light

  • suramya,

    How sweet of you to ask if I have a question that needs an answer to.

    I do and here it is: We moved a long distance to TX and now my husband does not like his job as it exhust him and he is doing a lot of paperwork (reports). I would like to know if TX is my permanant home, or if there is yet another distiny distination?

    Look forward to your reply.


  • Shuabby

    I really tried but got some funny answers. Im not sure but maybe the different decks want to tell you something else.

    First I tried tarot cards and the heavy burden that your husband feels, shows up as 10 wands. The feeling may also be realted to a longing for how things were in the past (5 cups), and the future at the moment is uncertain. I am getting the feeling that he may consider opportunities in the next 4-5 months but may not take any steps for at least one and a half years and even then the cards are not giving a definite answer.

    However,the Goddess deck shows opportunities and travel for you (alone and independent). You will be happy near a sea side destination. Many opportunities are coming up for you. Even if you miss the first one, there will be others.

    Archangel Michael is urging you strongly to give up any guilt or sense of responsibility: "Forgive yourself,you have not done anything wrong". You are blaming yourself for something in the past,let it go.Blame and guilt is unproductive. Treat yourself gently and lovingly.

    The angel deck says your children are protected and reminds you of your special connection with pets and children. All is well with them.

    Finally the fairy cards remind you of the power of manifestation. Rely on yourself for your happiness by holding positive thoughts because you can manifest. Feeling Safe is another card that says the same thing: You are safe,do not focus on vulnerability. I also get the feeling, as with the independence card in the Goddess deck which came up for you: Are the cards teeling you to look at options of happiness for yourself, as in your own individual self(not just with husband?)

    Body movement is a card that recommneds, dance,yoga or exercise to help your body and mind feel happy.

    Im sorry this does not answer your question directly but I hope it helps:)

    sending you love and best wishes

  • suramya,

    The cards really got it is what I feel. I'm alone more now and finding that I have to find things to fullfill myself now. I love the sea and water and would travel alone if I had the opt.

    I do have a special connection with pets.

    Yes, manifestation is so important and we seem to forget about that from time to time.

    I just joined a gym so I would say a very good read.

    Thank you,


  • Thanks for the validation.

    The image on the Yemanya card shows a lady swimming with abandon and happiness in the ocean! Hope that works out for you:)

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