Shuabby, a relationship reading please??

  • Hi Shuabby,

    May I have a reading please? Been fighting with BF. we haven't spoken for 2 weeks.. Do you feel if this is the end of our story?? How does he feel about me at this point? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Hll

    I feel that you have good reason to speak up and have your say with him, in turn he turns tail and rans so to speak after he has his say. You are expecting something from this man that he just can not give at this point and time is what I receive to give to you.

    Is he younger than you? It feels so immature here in areas and if you want to stay with him you will have to become his mentor so to speak, and this may not appeal to you after a period of time.

    He feels like he wants to be with you and than when you expect something big from him he just can not deliver it now. Noting or no one is worth having until the time is right. We have to put out to the heavens above what we want in love and than wait for the guides and angels to send to us a love that they hand picked for you. Can you do that?

    You can't just hope you have to pray and ask and invision what type of man you want and than let heaven fine tune your request and send that man to you in their time and way.

    This is what I have received to give you for guidence in your quest for finding a man to stand by you and love you within and for as long as you live.


  • dear Shuabby,

    Thanks for the reading. Your right - I did speak up and thats why we got into a fight. Well, I shouldnt call it fight as he didnt argue with me at all. the whole time I was yelling at him telling him how frustrated I was, and how little effort he made.. That's it. He hasnt initiated a talk ever since. In fact, i am much younger than him.. I expect him to open up, but he never did.. And since he works a lot, we never spend enough time together. I feel that he's so hurt from his past relationships, and thats why he's so reserved. Yes, it takes a lot of time for him to trust me so he can open up. It's okay - I can wait.. I understand nobody is perfect, and I accept him for who he is. I just dont know how he feels about me at this point anymore.. I dont know if I should still have a little faith in him? What you think Shuabby? What's he thinking these days? Do you see if he will contact me sometime soon? Hope to hear from u again soon. Thanks Shuabby!

  • He actually contacted me a few hrs ago... No need to answer my questions anymore. Thanks for the insights earlier Shuabby 🙂 much appreciated. Xx

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