Life path number 3

  • Can anyone tell me the significance of someone with the lifepath number 3?! thanks!! 🙂

  • The 3 Life Path is about developing your gifts of creativity and self-expression. Are you an artist? Do you like to write? Have you tried acting? How do you best communicate your inspirations to the world? The 3 energy is very inspiring and creative, but it must be used in a focused manner. Hard work and commitment to your craft can produce amazing results that can inspire many.

  • Thanks Meera17 I appreciate it!!! And yes, I am good at an artform I would rather not say....everyone tells me I should go into it, but I just don't see it as my calling.

  • meera17, I was amazed to lknow u studied astrology..I think where I live it's not possible to..but I really wish!

    I loved a cancer guy this year and we had the same life path number(7)

    does it have any significance?

    he disappeared a few months ago for no reason I wonder why til now..actually everyone wonders!

    I have to go right now so I will continue later about my story okay..


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