Triple Number's Every Where,What Does This Mean???

  • Hello,I was wondering if someone can help me to understand this bizzare thing?

    For the past Month every time i look at a clock (no matter where it is),it is Triple Number's,like; 5:55,3:33,4:44,2:22,1:11.....

    After about a week i started to take notice that this was happening,Some of my friend's have said-"Oh" play the Lottery! But i have not done that because i feel that there is some kind of message in seeing these number's like this,and for so long?

  • It's the Universe's way of getting your attention. If you have not been seeing the SAME repeated triple numbers (like 555) all the time, then it is just a general message to you that big changes are happening around you and you need to be flexible and relaxed about absorbing them.

  • Captain,

    Thank-u, I'm still seeing triple numbers every where and i've had a sence for the past month that big changes are coming.And i've also be seeing Blue Jay birds every time i go for a walk,they seem to go out of their way to follow me and when i start talking to them then they squack at me and this has been at eye level,the other day a little red headed Woodpecker was going crazy for me to look at it.This is not normal Wild Bird behavor? I know that there is messages in it...

  • I have read that birds and butterflies are often signs from loved ones who have passed over. They can guide the bird to you like a "hello, I am fine!" message.

  • Thank-u,this is just what i needed to hear today 😉

  • Thank-u,this is just what i needed to hear today 😉

  • 😉

  • It is a wonderful uplifting sign, from spirit, isn't it?

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