How do you use numerology inyour life?

  • Hi

    I'm learning about numerology & wonder how others use it in their every day life?

    My Bd is 3/4/1959. Is my number 7 & life number 3?


  • I do not know more about the numerology.But here i got good and extra information about the numerology.I read some articles about the numerology provided by the internet and best essay writing service but i did not get complete and correct information about the numerology.

  • amused,,, i read this a few days ago, i was looking for a site where i subscribed to,,

    mike madigan numerologist. com in that site you will find where they give u a free mini reading at first, then u will recievce different info, on your expression number, and other numbers u have occording to your birthdate,, plus, when u type in the search box numerologist com u will come up with many, u want to learn, go and learn and have fun,,,

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