Aries Man or Capricorn Man?

  • Well, I have finally moved on from Mr. Cancer and have two wonderful choices. It's early but I don't know how to choose Aries and Capricorn both have amazing qualities.

    Aries-Beautiful! So smart, loves to cook, makes me laugh, and is such a strong personality. He's a sweet heart too. He will take his time I think which may be best for me since I just came out of divorce. He has a youthful wrecklessness to him that drives me crazy with attraction, but I dont know if this Bull can handle that long term. He makes me feel strong and capable and confident when I'm with him. His confidence empowers me to be more woman. In short, he's hot, components the Lady in me, is sweet in an innocent way, and we just click-instant friendship-instant fun. I WANT to be his Lady.

    Capricorn-Sweet, romantic, and Mr. Southern Charm. We like a lot of the same things. He gets my faith in God. He is younger than me in years but in many ways more mature than me in life. He's full of gentle kindness and is free about expressing how he feels about everything from my

    laugh to my phrases. He is sweet, serious, practical, easy to talk to, and makes me want to take care of him. I did that already with the ex husband. I tired of it because it wasn't returned.

    He will fall quick. I'm not sure I can trust that.

    Any words of wisdom, friends. I'm trying to take it slow on both accounts and let my heart feel it out. I'm enjoying not having to overthink anything and having options. I'm excited about both, but torn. Lol

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