Would Really Love Guidance!

  • Hello everyone, long time no see. Ive been running into a huge issue within myself and my job. I feel amazing somedays but one boss always keeps me on edge-Nick. He is very condensing and arrogant when he talks to me and I don't asked to be liked but I do asked to be respected. He never takes responsibility for anything he does and can always be very rude. My mood swings and the pressure of this job is not mixing very well. I was so worked and fragile when I worked today due to over criticism and other things that often bother me (I sincerely believe I have bipolar disorder) that I slipped up and got written up for not giving a woman her receipt. It is my second write up and third is suspension or fired (which I may have a 3rd write up because to make matters worse, my drawer was short $5) I really try my best at the job but my emotions and the ongoing unnecessary negative pressure hurts me and affects my performance. I really love the pay and hours I have at this job but am very scared I will lose my mind and job at that. I work full time, go to school and constantly am plagued with chaos when I get home, rarely having quiet moments due to several issues in my household. I want to quit so I can get my head together but I really want money.

    What is the best thing for me to do in this situation-quit or stick it out/ and or how?

    What do my bosses think of me-Stephanie (Taurus), James (Virgo) and Nick (Capricorn) and my performance?

  • someone please help me. i am literally contemplating suicide

  • Asia, it looks like you're at a toxic work place. Maybe it's the way things are working for you to get out.

    GET OUT!

    There's no need to take your life for it. Family is always a stress factor that can't always be dealt with, even if you leave, trust. You'll have to manage until a solution can be found, but as for work you can get another one. Your mental and physical health is worth more than any job.

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