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  • hello remember me? you did my reading awhile back. im the girl going into veterinary technology and whose mom doesnt like my boyfriend. well i would appreciate an update reading from you since you did such a good job before. My current situation is this; iv been staying at my boyfriends apartment with his best friend and his girlfriend and their one year old boy. my man and his friend are both working for a local driving company that is ripping them off. unfortunately its hard to get a local driving job unless you have couple years experience. anyway its looking like they are going to go over the road which means being home maybe 7 days a month. im totally devasted over it but theres little that can be done, he has put alot of time/money into getting his CDL's and he wants to better himself, and feels this is the way to go. could you do a reading about this, im having hard time coming up with questions right now, so you your best judgment as to the details/questions to be asked. thank-you

  • vettech78

    I feel your very downhearted over the deceision of your man to be on the road long distance driving. You know that everything happens for a reason. You know that you want a man that will be home with you and the children when they arrive. My guides tell me that you have a personal decesion to make. Can you setttle for what you know in your heart you do not want?

    My advice dear is to enjoy this time with your man and STOP wanting things to be a certain way for now. When you get a job from the training you are taking than you will have to make a mental decesion as to if you can live with a man that is gone and you will have freedom which some women like, and resposibility of the household.

    My mother was a woman that married a long distance truck driver and she resented his being gone , I remember that the marriage was not a good one because of it.

    I know your man would like for it to be different , but he has his pathway to walk too. People come into our lives to teach us something, sometimes about us, and finding out just who we are and what we really want, I do feel this is what you are now going through.

    Hang in there as you will soon know your answer.


  • So do you think everything will be ok between us? We love each othere so much, and I want to be with him for life. I understand that r.ships are meant to teach us lessons, and thats fine but im tired of learning lessons!!! for once I want to be with the man I love and for it to stay that way. Im happier then ever being with him and I have no intention of giving up on us. Iv learned at church that love always prevails, and being committed means exactly that comiittment to make it work. if everyone pulled out of a r.ship because of issues then no one would make it to their 50th anniversary! I feel like their are evil forces trying to seperate people but its to test our faith, God wants wants us to beat the challenge, cause when a couple overcomes challenges it makes the r.ship that much stronger in the long run. There are alot of stories of couples who survived over the road truckingt. and thankfully this isnt going to be a permanent situation. but he cant get a local job until he gets experience. Im willing to wait since this is the man i want to spend my life. Im just afraid he will give up on me. I dont want him to end up breaking up with me cause he thinks that is what is best for me. i want to be the one to decide whats best for me. do you have any predictions for the future? will he end up liking/hating being over the road? will he regret doing so? etc...

  • vettech78

    I feel like he will not like being away from you and will try to find other work ASAP when he gets some experience under his belt. I know you are committed to this relationship and that you are welling to meet every challange it brings.

    I feel he will work this job for at least 3 months and than will be able to find work with a in town trucking company I still see a red logo for a company he can work for like Coke . UPS is really a good paying truck driving delivery job for him to consider. Truck drivers like freedom, they like to be on their own with no boss standing over their shoulders. He will be rewarded for his efforts is what I am receiving. I know what committment means as I am in a long standing marriage myself and you have to make sure that you are receiveing equal treatment in the relationship , not just giving and giving , but receiving also to create a healthy balance. Just some personal advice there.


  • thank you so much for your help. I certainty hope all goes well. as for ups i dont know if he could ever work for government cause he has a mild felony from when he was young and naive. and it seems to come back to haunt him when looking for companies. but he is committed to building his life up and doing right. he feels at his age its about time he builds a foundation for the future. as for your relationship advice, you are right on, i have a tendency to give and give but i dont ask for anything in return, so even though loved ones mean well they may have tendancy to take it for granted cause i spoil them.

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