Does my child have a gift?

  • Hello, I am concerned for my 8 yr old son, and not sure how to approach this. I am highly sensitive and empathic, however I am not experienced if that makes any sense. I had to keep this hidden from my family as it is not approved of. I am starting to be more open about it to them..slowly. With that said, my son doesnt know about any gifts as I have not expressed them to my children. He seems to experience so much..the feelings of being watched and he always hears strange things. Its been going on for a long time, I always encourage him he should never be afraid to tell me anything. He wont sleep alone and if he does he hides under the covers. What I have gathered are experienced such as hearing things rather than feeling things. Does he have some sort of gift or highly sensitive? Just looking for advice from anyone as a parent and what I should look out for? Thanks in advance. If I need be more detailed I can. His birthday is 04/02/04 if this helps at all.

  • As children, we were all psychic. But adults tend to think children are just making things up so a child learns to ignore what he/she sees and feels when they get ridiculed or punished for it. Listen to your child and let him know you believe him. Help him to learn how to protect himself with white light and ask the angels for help. Encourage him to talk with you about his experiences. Then he will grow up with his psychic centres open instead of closed like most adults who are afraid to see and feel on a higher level.

  • Thanks captain for your insight and advice. It is much appreciated.

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