Need help with cancer man

  • My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 10 months and it’s been a roller coaster ride. He is a cancer and I am a Gemini. In the beginning of our relationship like the first 2 months he has been taking me out a lot and was generally more happy and couldn’t wait to see me. As the relationship continued he became more reserved and distance and running hot and cold and doesn’t seem to want to spend much time with me anymore. He also has extreme mood swings which I haven’t noticed much in the first 2 months. He must have been hiding it. But now it’s been pretty bad. He never wants to go out or do anything anymore. My intuition tells me to be patient but I don't know. I can feel underneath all that coldness lies a good heart. I really love him and I need to know if he is in love with me and if we have a future together. What does he want from me/us? Any insight on our relationship would be greatly appreciated.

  • Cancer men ain't for sissies. That moodiness is them. The hot/cold is them. Those early moments are amazing but they are tortured souls. Their emotion and doubt about themselves and you are do deep it's hard to overcome. Be prepared to be crushed often, lonely and frustrated. Only you can decide if he's worth it. I gave my Cancer man five months and felt used and misunderstood when it was over. It still hurts. Ultimately, love you, be you, and do not cater to anyone Cancer or not. If he can't appreciate you, he doesn't deserve you. Best of luck.

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