Need Outside Interpretation of Three Card Reading

  • I did a three card reading for myself inquiring about the past, present, and future relationship with Guy. Being so close to the situation, I would like an objective outsiders opinion on the cards. Cards were:

    PAST : King of Swords

    PRESENT : The Sun

    FUTURE : Three of Cups

    Back story is that he is a doctoral candidate studying in Europe, though he is from the US. We are friends who keep in weekly contact while he's away. But, I would like more, in the romantic sense, at some future point when he is done with his program, I'm not sure what his sentiments are. He will be done with his program in 3 years and says that's when he wants to start thinking about settling down. Other side note, I'm also a parent of one.

    I also keep on seeing The World card being present in the majority of Celtic readings I do for myself, I am a former expatriate so could this have something to do with it constantly reoccurring or could it be an indication of a future overseas move?

    Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • I suggest you do an 11-card interpretation. I think he's being honest. With him distancing, alot can happen in 3 years. You have a lot of questions that are hard to sum up in 3 cards.

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