Please help, reading anyone please

  • My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 10 months and it’s been a roller coaster ride. He is a cancer and I am a Gemini. In the beginning of our relationship like the first 2 months he has been taking me out a lot and was generally more happy. As the relationship continued he became more reserved and distance and running hot and cold. My intuition tells me to be patient. but I don't know. I really love him and I need to know if he is in love with me and if we have a future together. Maybe even marriage. Any insight on our relationship would be greatly appreciated.

  • Basically the Cancer man is looking for his idea of the perfect woman (probably based on his mother). He typically comes on strong and enthusiastic but as time goes by, he will withdraw if you don't match the ideal in his head (which can be too impossibly perfect for anyone to live up to) and keep on searching. The Cancer man is the one most complained about on this forum and the one who causes the most grief when women fall for him. They don't usually come back when they make up their minds that you are not 'the one'.

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