Would appreciate another opinion on reading

  • I met a man while studding abroad 10 years ago. We had a deep immediate connection, but i had already commited myself to someone else. In ten years this other person hasn't left my dreams. My husband and I have had a tumultuous marriage demanding lots of hard work. Tonight I pulled a card after having dreamed about the man from the past.

    I asked " what role does he play in my life?" and pulled the 7 wands. I asked "will we ever be together" (because we are still friends though we rarely communicate, every now and then) and pulled Fortune. Finally I asked, "will I get divorced?" and pulled the chariot.

    It seems to me as vague as every.. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  • I thought I'd through in birthdates incase that would help clarify. Mine, 03-30-1977, past 10-18-1981, husbands 07-11-1975


  • Is it OK to do one card readings?

  • Wheel of Furtune has do do with karmic relationships and changes, new cycles. Chariot is direct will and action on planning. What did your gut tell you?

  • My gut says my marriage could go either way. The other person is total confusion. I don't know if at this point it is nothing more then a wish or fantisy or what...

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