• Hello everyone, my names Ros I bought my first tarot deck (Cosmic Tarot) over a year ago, I have only ever used It mainly for spiritual insight for myself, the cards that always appear alot in my spreads when relating to me are The Queen of Swords and The High Priestess, I was going to use the "QueenOfSwords" as my forum name but someone already had it so choose "QueenoOKatana" for my love of japenese swords and I used to practice Kendo, I now want to move on to some other decks and learn how to read for other people, as I find readng for other people quite hard at the moment and I'm hoping to gain a new understanding of the tarot from other users on this site.

    Namaste x

  • Hi Ros,

    if you offer readings, I would like to have one from you... its about my relationship.. Been fighting with my Bf lately. Confused. How does he feel about me at present? and our relationship? What does he want from me/us? Where is this relationship headed? Thanks. hope to hear from u soon 😉 I will provide you with the feedback..

  • HALF PRICE READINGS THIS WEEKEND! Add me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/tarotreadings121 or email me at tarotreadings121@ymail.com

  • Hi hII, I can try one for you if you like but I'm not very experienced in reading for other people, I'll need ur name and date of birth, if you don't want to post on here you can send it to my email tiger.angel@hotmail.co.uk

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