• Hi all,

    Well, lately I've been feeling pretty off-balance and tired. Recent blood tests show nothing of concern, and this last week I have felt like sleeping continually and my head seems to want to spin off my neck! I'm also getting a bit scatty; like I can't remember things. I'm okay at work, but outside of it, I seem to go down like a house of cards, ie, my back goes, etc.

    I wonder if anyone can see what may be causing this? I did get some vaccinations last week, but remember feeling a bit this way before I got them, so I don't think I can put it down to that.

    This may seem like a trivial question really, but I am a bit stymied as to why this is happening.

    Thanks for any insights you may have!



  • I feel you cause yourself a lot of stress from worrying too much about what is going on in your life (especially things ta home). You can also over-exaggerate problems until they seem bigger than they are. You don't need to control everything and everyone in order to feel safe. You have to trust in a Higher Force to take care of you since you cannot possibly see what everyone and everything needs. You have to let go and let be.

    Your body is being held in a high state of tension and this is causing all sorts of niggling (but not yet too serious) complaints. Do some relaxing work on yourself like exercise in nature or doing yoga or meditation and try to allow a bit of 'chaos' to come into your life. And forget about trying to keep your world so neat and ordered that no fun or frivolity can enter.

  • Ah fair enough Captain! This doesn't surprise me one bit. Thanks very much for your insights here. I actually sat in a bath yesterday after quite a bit of physical work outside and felt much better for it. Am planning on yet more, er, "neatness" today (washing car, pruning, etc) which'll keep me outside again today. This again, is a case of old habits dying hard ... maybe once winter is over i won't worry about rushing to get everything done. This is the first time I've not felt guilty for having rostered days off from work though, which has been a first for quite a while.

    Hmm ... let things go? Allow chaos?? Dunno if I can do that ... but we'll see!

    Thanks again!



  • I also feel you are not getting enough oxygen into your body ie, breathing too shallowly - so make sure you exercise/walk or stop often during the day to consciously draw in at least ten deep breaths from deep down in your tummy.

  • Well, I haven't mentioned I'm a smoker, so that oxygen thing is pretty spot on! I have tried to cut down recently, but go up and down. I have taken your advice though (prior to getting it!) and been walking and deep breathing. Here's hoping ...

    And y'know, if this is the worst I have to deal with, I'm doing pretty bloody good!!



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