Requesting a reading from Captain

  • I posted this on another forum, as I am new to this site, and wasn't sure how to get my question answered. By no means am I trying to be overbearing.

    Wondering if there is anything between a Capricorn man and myself.

    My bday is 9-10-80 5:26 AM (PA)

    his is 1-5-82 10:30 (ish) PM (NM)

    Can't get this person out of my head and would like to see if I should pursue anything or let it go.

  • In some ways the two of you go together like peas in a pod. The relationship should be easygoing and favorable, quite comfy in fact - until problems arise. This matchup goes much deeper, however, than superficial liking or acceptance, particularly in the emotional area, and its depth only becomes more apparent in times of crisis and chaos. The bonds that can develop between you may have an almost fatalistic or karmic cast to them. There is almost a feeling that the two of you were made for each other, for better or for worse.

    A love affair here will be highly physical and sexually fulfilling. But worry, and fear of rejection, can plague you as a couple, and if your relationship is to retain a measure of balance, it must become more aware, more self-confident (but not arrogant) and, above all, a bit lighter. Learning to have fun and to take itself less seriously may become a requirement for the relationship's health and ultimately its survival. Which is why friendship is often the easiest type of relationship here. Your friend will want to be the boss here and you must decide if you are able to play a willing support role.

    Extremely secretive, you two will make your own rules and do what you have to do, paying little attention to the consequences. In some cases ruthless, in other cases preoccupied or unconcerned, you patiently will support and protect each other, knowing that your fortunes are inextricably tied together. Yet curiously there will also be a lack of deep moral, honest or empathic commtment to the relationship. Marriage and work will be interconnected here, again raising stress levels and increasing workaholic tendencies.

    This relationship will be hard work (though you must strive to make it fun) and it has its challenges but being aware of them may make it a lot easier to make this matchup work. Being earth signs, you do have a lot in common - just make sure the relationship brings out your shared strengths and not the weaknesses.

  • Thank you so much! It's weird because we have so much in common (more than just superficial ie. music, movies, etc). I honestly do feel like he came into my life for a reason, just not sure what that is yet.

    We also work together and I'm sure neither of us want to complicate that situation.

    I will definitely take all of this into account and I believe a friendship with him would be fulfilling and long lasting. On the other hand I have never been so comfortable around a person, met someone so easy to talk to, or found myself so attracted to another person in my life!!! I suppose only time, patience, and understanding will tell.

    thank you for your help,


  • Captain if you could give me some more guidance it would be much appreciated. First I read on another post that you're an Aussie and dates are backwards and I got his year wrong anyway (naturally bad at math) lol. The dates are 83 Jan 5 and 80 Sept 10. though i feel your reading was on target just wanted to clarify.

    Anyway, a few weeks ago this person and I had a very intimiate encounter. I told him I had feelings for him, she said he's "emotionally and physically" attracted to me. outside of that nothing physical (ok kissed). The nxt day he tells me he wants to keep things platonic, remembering your words, and knowing good relationships are built on good friendships, I told him I agreed that would be best. Less than a week after that, something terrible happened. Not between us or with me. I understand he is grieving right now and in a bad place. It's hurting me that I cannot do anything to help him, or can I? Is this what you meant by becoming more aware, fear of rejection, or problems arising?? I'm sure I have the answer inside me and that he just needs time to heal and will be a stronger person by going through this experience (alone). I'd just like to have someone confirm my affirmations. This man is the only person who doesn't look at me blank and dumbfounded he actually gets it, and agrees with me. Is he my twin flame or do we really just have that much in common?

  • Not a twin flame, no. But you can definitely be a friend to him at this time, putting your own concerns aside for a while, to support and comfort him with no ulterior motive. Can you do that?

  • And I did realize your dates were backwards and I don't use the birthyears, so the initial reading stands.

  • Yes and i understand. I have been trying to get rid of my ego become 'more aware' ....not just for him but more for myself n my kids.

    I want to be there for him bci truly do care about him. I just dont know what to say in these types of situation. ive been very fortunate not to lose anyone close to me.

  • No ulterior motives btw (not consciously at least). I just want him to be happy and get what he wants out of (this) life, as I do all people I love. I realize I cannot control the situation, or him, or his feelings. I realize that there are things beyond my control, that have nothing to do with me in this universe.....not for ME to experience. It's frustrating when i'm unable to help a person, it makes me feel bad or at fault to a certain degree. Perhaps that is something that lies within me about needing to help myself.

    I'm am happy just to have met him, him accepting me as a friend, and having someone to share my thoughts with.

    I think what i'm getting at is i'm not trying to rush into a relationship (breaking patterns), or control the outcome (cuz I can't), and I'm definitely not trying to just hook up (celibate).

    I'm not sure why I had the feeling I needed to justify myself at this moment. I think good to write down feelings though, to reflect upon later.

  • You wouldn't be human if you didn't want someone you love to love you back. But sometimes we have to put the welfare of someone else first and at the moment, your friend definitely has too much on his plate to think about romance.

  • yes, you are right. And because I do love him I have no choice but to respect that, while not putting my own life on standby. I can only hope this experience will eventually make him realize how much of an amazing person he is.

    Thank you again for your help. Much better advice than from some of my friends 😕

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