Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

  • Hi, everyone! I would appreciate any insight with my dilema.

    I am an early November Scorpio woman in love with a late June Cancer man. I truly believe this man is my soulmate. Right now he has gone MIA. He may be the love of my life. We met as teenagers and very soon went our seperate ways. He's single never married, but I am married. we recently found each other again.

    I sensed that he may still have very strong feelings for me. It's possible based on things he said that he may have loved me all this time apart. I want to determine whether or not we could have a future together, but he has gone cold. It is most likely my marriage that bothers him, but he is not aware of what I may be willing to do. How do I get him to talk to me again? I may have offended him by saying I did not trust him. I did not mean that really, I was only concerned that being married I had to be very descrete with our relationship. And then on the next occassion when he wanted to talk I was unavailable doing family stuff. He never responded again with any signs of interest in pursuing me, I've initiated communication, but he only replies occassionally if at all.

    Any suggestions on how to win him back. Like most Scorpios, I feel he is mine and I am not ready or willing to give him up just yet. Thanks for any help or input!

  • You need to fix or else leave your marriage first before deciding whether this other man is right for you. You are using both your husband and your love interest as your back-up plan and that is wrong. If one doesn't work out, you think you can fall back on the other man. This is not about loving someone else but about protecting yourself from being alone. If you really loved this other man, you would know you had to be with him - and only him. You will be less confused when you are single and can see things more clearly. It won't work to try and see if he is interested first before you leave your husband. Or were you just wanting an affair?

    Put yourself in your love interest's position. Why would he want to be involved with a married woman who offers no signs of commitment or future to him? Show him you are serious by sorting out your marriage issue first. Then maybe he will show an interest.

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