Aquarians - Melt the Ice

  • I think the biggest issue with Aquarians is that we appear cold and aloof to the outside world. That is Just Not True! For me at least (no moons signs here, just a female born 2/16) the main issue is fear of being hurt and somehow, I have great knack of defending myself and precious ego but thinking 'oh, they are not that important to me" or "it's not a big deal". So, we turn around and process later...wait a minute...I just got dumped, or I feel rotten... Then its when it hits me and then I feel majorly depressed. HOw is that for a strange 180 ? So, we really don't resolve our issues immediately and it hurts us, deeply. So next time you think you are saying something to an Aquarius and it'll just bounce off....think again. Aquarians are truly sensitive, thoughtful creatures who simply look for s/o who respects them despite their quirks. And, ask them, they might just change a little bit for you too if they think they are going to lose you.

  • would telling an aqua yes to a launch invite with friends and then calling in with a no 10 mintues later be super bad? though u have a good excuse of just having eaten and suggest meeting later that day if they wanted to ?-- I guess after they stopped cold a litlle hm? my turn to ask them out ?sugestions? --i am getting a little tired of it--sooo passive aren't aquas's go getters I not used to passive makes me think they don't care enought--he really liked me and then I backed away and now so did he now it kinda up in the air

  • I am an Aqua and sometimes I can be passive. Sometimes I have a don;t care attitude especially if it does not affect me at all. So sometimes that how we are. I use to be in denial, but we can become detect at time. And that's because we do not want to get hurt.. It would bother me at time when people would tell me that. I did not loke to known as a detectable person. They say we are also known to be selfish. I don't know about that one. What do you guys think?

  • hmm I think geminis might be a tad selfish than aquas but guess depends from person to person and other factors--have yet to find out about my aqua--he seems really sweet though adn I am calm around him--which is intersteting since I am a whirl wind and stuborn--what I think might be an inclking of a temper though has me a little at freeze lol--so mad over not the smallest thing yikes--guess need to give out tighter hugs lol

    QS: is it true that aquas like to give more than recive and like the finer things quality etc?

    I gave mine a xmass gift and haven't heard back as to it was good or not lol-- I thought pple call right back and say wow or hmmmm u sure u got the right gift lol

    anyway, thnks for the inpute Worthy1248 🙂

  • Yes, Dragonelf . I am saying yes to your question. I do love the finer things and nothings wrong with that. We also the ones that are show stoppers with our present. That's just what we do. Trend setter would you say? IT'S ALL GOOD. I am the one that would wear something and will draw a lot of attention but yetinstill don't like that sort of attention, I am the one who dose not like to be pointed out in a crowd. I get very uncomfortible. And one other thing Gemini are too very selfish. So maybe they do have us beat n that area and I am in other ares's that I do not want to point out. It;s all about the AQUA, how about that?

  • yup. he definatley has style --the modern trends --nothing of the shirt with sweater old school

    I don't think he liked my present b/c the cover looke a little cheap --but the present was soonice

    well --guess i ama ask him for the present back if he doesn't like it casueI really do like it:)

    p.s It seems, Worhty1248, you are answering my questions from post to post--thank you:)

  • Dragonelf, hey it does look like I'm all over the place 🙂

  • Hello Worthy1248 sorry to bother you--I would really appreciate u're inpute on the Gemini post when you get the chance--I know I am getting too caugh up in it--when I shouldn't 😞 --I wrote another post lol--am not quite sure the reply was a little mean or it's just me lol


  • I am a Cap with Aquarius in my Ascendant, Mercury and Venus. During my early twenties I attracted Aquarian men. None of them worked out!! In my late twenties I attracted a Leo who I married and stayed with until his death (heart failure) in 2007. I rarely came in contact with Aquarian women while growing up until I worked with two and although we got along the older one wasn't as pleasant while the younger one is my little sister. It's really weird!!

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