Starting over, at long last

  • For the past six years, I have been enduring a sometimes ok, sometimes hostile work environemnt. This environment I feel is very wrong for me, but up until recently, I have had very few options. It feels vibrationally incompatible, as if I am supposed to be doing something else instead. I am very interested in the healing arts, especially through nutrition, and I am most interested in doing a job that is simple and meaningful that helps nurture spirituality and balance within people. This is presenting itself through a natural foods store that is opening in my area in three month's time. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as I feel it's time for me to move on, but it's such a huge life change that I want to make sure I am on the right path. If it helps, my birth date is 9/26/1974.

  • vIOLETA74

    You have a pull to this type of work because it is what you are suppose to be doing.

    In our lifetimes we change inside and out. We also at times will change what we do because it is time to fullfill that purpose in our lives.

    This is what you will be doing and you will after a brief time of adjustment , love the job.


  • Shuabby, thank you so much for your insight. I do feel very good about this now. The waiting period before the new place starts hiring is about three months, so I think that will give me time to mentally prepare for a huge shift for the better 🙂

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