Yang Gong Feng shui do you know?

  • Hi everyone ,i am a new. come from China. I like Fengshui ,today i will intorduce Yang Gong Feng shui to you :

    Hello ,everyone, I come from China. Today I want to talk about Yang Gong Feng shui. I don't know if in this forum anyone research Yang Gong Feng shui.

    Yang Gong was a great grand Fengshui master, his full name was Yang Yun Song, in Tang Dynasty he was the offical ,done Feng shui for King. many years later,he leave the capital and then went to Ganzhou , lived on the top of Yang Xian ling ( Yang Gong Mountain) , wrote Feng shui works , researched and practiced Feng shui ,at the same time ,taught disciples here. so in Ganzhou city there are many of Yang Gong Feng shui works ,include Pagoda, Temple, house, Gave, and so on .

    For example: <tian yu="" jing="">,<qing nang="" ao="" yu="">, <zang shu="">,and so on were writen by Yang Gong .</zang></qing></tian>

    In Ganzhou there lives a inheritor of Yang Gong Feng shui, he practices and researched Yang Gong Feng shui more than 60years.he have a lot of disciples in China , also many students in the foreign country.

    Tang Dynasty Fengshui great Master Yang Yun Song (Yang Gong ) practiced Fengshui more that 40 years in here. So there are many a lot of Fengshui works in Gan zhou, for example : ancient pagoda , ancient Grave , ancient Temple also the ancient Yang zai ( house), most of there were designed by Yang Gong . so if you are a Fengshui study and research person, please join us ,it’s real a very good experience for you,I can say that it’s very worth to join the Tour class in Gan zhou,welcom to the hometown of Fengshi----Ganzhou!

    Introduce our tour class:

    The teaching theory knowledge content: <zang shu="">, <tian yu="" jing="">, <qing nang="" ao="" yu="">, Yang Gong ancient method Fengshui, Date Selection, Yin Yang house(Ying Yang Zai), NaYin, Xiao Sha Na Shui. ………

    the other part</qing></tian></zang>

    practice on set. We will choose the key cases that be done Feng shui by Yang Gong , we will take you to validate the Feng shui effect made by Yang Gong Feng shui.

    The third part

    our class advisor Mr. Li Ding Xin (the famous Fengshui Master in the world ) will give class “ Zheng Ben Qing Yuan” .

    The Director of the YGFS International Class is Master Wen Qi Jun , the vice- Director is Pro.Dr. Yang Kim Voon.The main lecturer : Pro.Dr. Yang Kim Voon, Master Wen Qi Jun .The Class teaching in englsih..The English YGFS Class Room Facilities, 3 Star Hotel, Restaurant and Venue arranged by: Ganzhou Yang Jun Song Culture Research Association in China( also the organizer of the Englsih YGFS Class )

    You can read more about Yang Gong Feng shui works and our class ,please refer to

    The Secretary of Ganzhou Yang Yun Song Fengshui Culture Association in China

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