From friends to lovers?

  • Hi I would love a reading if someone has the time. Here is a little background. My friend and I have been friends for 14 years. We met when we were kids and have been friends ever since. Back when we were teenagers he asked me out I turned him down and told him I wanted to be friends because I didn't see him as more than a friend (which was a total lie, I was young and immature and quite honest not ready to date at that point and I didn't express that well) so years go by we date different people. Earlier this year we both become single at the same time. Mind you there has always been this undeniable attraction and chemistry between the two of us. He is just amazing smart good looking funny and I am pretty sure he'd say the same about me. A few weeks ago we shared our first kiss and it was amazing. But I am so confused as is he. I want to pursue something with him. I finally feel like I am ready but I just don't know is this just sexual? what is it ? should I pursue this? I do feel as if my past rejection of him has made him hesitant to jump in but I am also afraid to ruin a great friendship. I am not sure how to express this but I love him I could not imagine my life without him in it. I just need a little help to figure this out. my dob April 12, his January 31 so an aries and aquarius respectively

    any input would be much appreciated

  • Oh sorry I left this out, I feel that we have the potential to have something amazing or we can totally ruin a great relationship. Its like the fork in the road do I go right or left lol

  • its' time to let your guard down, stop asking so many questions, there is never a guantaree, and the answer is yes, yes, yes. go for it. heh is a great guy, and looking really good for you two. all you can do is give it all you have, hold nothing back. blessings. Jazz

  • i definitely over think everything. Thank you I will definitely try to let my guard down. Its like I have been in denial about the two of us for so long its so hard to just jump in and I am Ms. Careful so thank you!!

  • After talking to him this evening I am more confused than ever. I worry that a lot of what is between is wanting what you were denied for so long but I don't have casual relations he says relationships don't just come out of no where they require work but if we became intimate immediately he'd be okay with that and I am not sleeping with someone just because my body urges me to. So honestly I am afraid that this will be one huge mistake but also afraid of missing out on a great guy because I don't want to take a chance.

  • I've decided robot pursue this relationship it's just too much risk and my heart is somewhere else. I don't know. My friend seemed like a good idea he is comfortable he feels good but when it came down to actually moving forward I couldn't do it .

  • if you still have doubts then you are not ready for it

    so just take your time, stay friends, get to know him better and allow him to know you better

    friendship is a very good way to build trust between you and him

    when you are ready, then go further.

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