ADVICE: Gemini fellow & Leo lady

  • So I'm a full blown Leo. I became friends with a Gemini guy at work. When we first met we didn't like each other. I thought he was very arrogant and full of himself. He thought I was bitchy and stand-offish. We argued a lot. Then we became flirty and after a few intimate conversations over shooting some hoops and grabbing some beers we've become friends. The second time we ever hungout as friends and talked about our first impressions of each other (even shared a beer) he ended it with "I really like you. You get me. We're gonna be best friends." And he took my hand and kissed it. The flirtations continued. We went out with a group of people from work for my birthday, got really drunk and made-out in the cab on the way home. We didn't sleep together. He went to his place and I went to mine. I don't remember much from that night, which I told him but he hasn't filled in the blanks for me. Since then he's been coming to visit me in my office more often. Asking lots of questions about this band I like (I have their poster in my office) and recommending movies for me to see. I'll watch them and we'll discuss it in my office. I notice him watching me walk from one side of the room to the other around the building. We have a lot of deep eye contact. Usually when we're debating about something. I'm a very confident woman so I never break his gaze. I've texted him a few times in a friendly nature but he never calls or texts me first. He is also dyslexic so I'm not sure if that ties into the texting thing. If I'm out somewhere and invite him to come out he shows up. So now you're up to speed on the situation. I'm really attracted to him. He's very smart, ambitious, kind, funny and he likes my cat. All things I look for in a guy. Unfortunately my job is very demanding so I'm not really looking for a relationship. I'll probably be out of the country for a few months at the beginning of next year so just can't make that kind of commitment. Would love to have a fun casual relationship with him but I'm not entirely sure if he's interested. He's very hard to read. Any advice on how to move this forward? Does this seem like typical Gemini behavior? Does he seem interested or am I just making this all up in my head?

  • No, you're not making this up in your head! He is attracted to you as well, but believe it or not, he's actually quite shy when it comes to admitting his attraction, hence him not texting you first. I don't see that his dyslexia has anything to do with his "hesitant" texting, but rather his shyness and the fact that he's a bloke, and sometimes blokes need a bit of a prod to get the message 🙂 He is also reeling a bit because he senses the same attraction from you, and how different this is to how you two initially got on. Like, he's opened a present that didn't hold much interest to him and he's found what he was looking for in there haha

    And yes, it can be typical Gemini behaviour if my daughter is anything to go by! She can be so warm, loving and attentive, then back off and be a bit stand-offish if she feels pushed too quickly, or pushed in a direction she isn't sure whe wants to go.

    You CAN make that kind of commitment! If you have to go away with your job, what is really the problem? If he was the one going away, it wouldn't be one I feel, if you know what I mean. He likes your ambition and confidence, because he is of the same ilk.

    My best "advice" to you is to enjoy this attraction, let it go its own way and see where it leads you. If it fizzes out to nothing, well you lost nothing in the first place. If it grows to something more than you expect or are prepared for, well ... would you want to have missed out on that because of too much caution?

    But don't push too hard, okay? I feel that might send him scurrying off for a bit. He's enjoying the "lead-up" as much as you are. It's a case of feeling your way here ... and seeing where that feeling goes ... 🙂

    Good luck! Hope this helps



  • how did that go Grover ????

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