Need a reading please. Love.

  • Hello,

    please could someone tell me what to do with a man in my situation.

    I met him (M.) in internet, we talked a lot, but i always felt that he is lying about his life, thought he is not a bad person, i was happy when i talked with him. But yesterday i decided to tell him that he is not truthful with me and showed him the proof( very silly i told that he is not from the city from what he told me, showed his internet connection number. ). And his reaction was ugly, he was very rude.

    I don't know what to do now? Is it all, and he will not try to bring back the relationships? I know he lied, but now i think maybe it was really none of my business and i offended him?

    I want to say sorry, but not sure if it is a right decision, because he already told me to go away in a rude form.

    Help please. Thank you. I know there could be nothing really serious between us, but just communicating with him would be enough, and all his lies there were not a hurdle for our communication, i am now so sorry that kind of ruined it.

  • This con man got found out so of course he's angry. If a person lies once like this, he has probably told you more lies about himself. A person can be anyone he or she chooses on the internet. You didn't have a real relationship with this guy. No need to apologize or try to get him back. He's a loser. Don't fall for his tricks.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain, the problem is that i can't break with him write now((Stupid addiction! Hope it will end soon.

  • write=right

  • But you are addicted to a fantasy, not the reality. Now that you have exposed this guy as a liar, it's unlikely he will stay in touch. Unless you ignore the warning signs...

  • TheCaptain, I am talking with him right now, the communication is very tense, he has really changed(

    You mean the warning sign -this lie?

  • Yes, the lie that you know about. There are others you don't know about. For instance, has he told you he is single? That would be another lie.

  • TheCaptain, he finally said that he has no girlfriend right now. Of course i have doubts, even if he told that.

    I know, it would be better to stop it all. I just need a little bit of will.

    TheCaptain thank you for your help!

  • No, you need to love yourself more so that you do not seek it so much from others that you would put up with a liar.

  • TheCaptain, hello again!

    Did you mean that you felt he has a girlfriend or even wife probably?

  • I feel he talks to many women and tells them the same as what he tells you. Plus I also sense another woman very close to him but that might be his mother.

  • TheCaptain , it seems that i am the most naive among them!Probably he is very lonely person (

    Thank you!

  • Marishkaa, you just have to learn to listen more to your intuition and gut feelings and less to your feelings of loneliness.

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