Need outside opinions on my tarot reading

  • Qt: How does ex feel about me and getting back together?

    Spread: Celtic

    Significator: High Priestess

    Hidden Question: Ace of Cups

    Cross Currents: 2 of Cups

    Unseen (sometimes called below/under): 10 of Wands

    Recent Past: King of Wands

    Seen (sometimes called upper/above): Queen of Cups

    Immediate Future: 8 of Cups

    Where I am now: Strength

    Friends/Family: Knight of Pentacles

    Hopes/Fears: King of Swords

    Final Outcome: 10 of Cups

  • Hi ScorpCup, I'm new on the forums, and the tarot have only being reading tarot mainly for myself over the last year and a half.

    If you like I would like to have a go at trying to understand the cards you have drawn, and you can tell me if I'm completely of the mark or if anything rings true wth you, if you would like me to go ahead for you, would just lke to ask what tarot deck you used? thanks.

    Namaste x

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