Not sure how to interpret...

  • Not that long ago I started talking to this guy and quite liked him, but before we met I had to end things since I'll be going back to university and I don't know if I hve the time for work and a relationship (distance isn't an issue, btw). However, I got really confused about how I felt when he messaged me the other day, saying he's still down about what happened. I asked the cards what I should do about him and used the 6 card spread.

    Whilst shuffling some cards fell out. It doesn't usually happen so I figure it's important - the chariot, queen of swords and the sun.

    Then I dealt the 10 of pentacles, ace of wands, emporer, 6 of cups, 2 of cups, 7 of cups and page of pentacles.

    Any help would be appreciated 🙂 Thank you

  • The ones that fell out pertain to you. They deal w/your education. My advice (and the cards, btw) is to pursue your education, no better pairing here--excellent pairing. What are you taking. I can tell you right now that he likes to be in control. This kinda opened a can of worms for you as you don't know what to do (7 of cups.) You're beginning to understand the value of education/money, etc. He just kinda appeared here amongst all that's going on. Ace of wands pertains to this new path in your life. I get a feeling that he wants to take ahold of this path.

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