Weird how some animals make themselves present... Have you ever seen birds stuck inside a food market or shopping centre.... these birds find themselves stuck & keep flying about,,,,

    Well ~~ just this morning, as i was opening my eyes I stretched yawned & greeted this fine sunny morning....

    i went to wash & dress, as i am opening my bedroom door to go downstairs, i happen to notice all of the other doors shut closed... something we don't normally do BUT WHATEVER ~~~ i opened them to make sure all was well~ then as i am heading down the stairs~ there i see on my wall dropping, not sure of WHAT~ hmmmmm suddenly i look around maybe my Parrot got out of her cage....

    NOPE ~~~ she is inside her cage...... but there is a Sparrow Bird flying high up around our front foyer the little bird keeps smacking up against the Sky light window..... ~ i quickly open the front door~ and soon the little vird flew out.....

    I called hubby ~ He says that our son while heading out to work, was hit on the forehead but a flying bird~just as he opened the front door there was the bird ~ it flew inside~ & apparently the momma bird was creating a nest inside our front door flower basket Wowzers Boy - OH -Boy did we all get a Wake - up call Surprise Surprise.... 🙂

    Does anyone know if this bird is of a symbolic spirtual message... or any kind of karmic significance

    Thank You.

  • Hi, I'll guess. Please remember this is only a guess. A return home. It's time to return home. Stay close to those that are familiar. There's no place like home (to birds and us.)

  • Thank you Dalia,

    I should stay put, Even though my heart says to move away,

    I am serious abut moving out of the United States, I feel I am suficating here,

    This Bird, has made itself known, I wish to know for sure, where i need to be,

    Because living anywhere in the USA... no longer In my opinion is SAFE....

    Thanks Dalia......

    i will keeping seeking & asking my Angels & Intuitives !! for much needed wisdom clarity Guidance


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