What does this Leo guy mean?

  • Been seeing each other the past 7 months, Had a great 4-5 days together, and then I get this:

    "I've never felt so out of control in all my life. You are incredible and you certainly deserve more than what I'm giving. I need to get myself together and don't expect you to wait around for me. I think I only need to focus on God and my kids for now. Damn you are awesome! Oh well. It would never work with me being in the state of mind that I'm in. I'd rather get me together and hopefully try again than to lose you due to my mess. Soooooo confused but will soon end (positive reinforcement)."

    What does this guy really mean? Is he just wanting a break? Is he done? Or is he looking for me so give him some kind of responce that it will be ok? Me being me, doesn't want to do anything with casue I don't understand it.

    Please help me understand.

  • This guy has too much on his plate to handle at the moment so he is having to prioritize his life, His kids come first so he is his putting personal relationship with you on the back burner. He hopes you will wait for him to get his act together, although he can give you nothing at the moment. He's asking too much of you. Lave him to his angst and find someone else who has more time, unselfishness, and energy for you.

  • I completely understand him. I have this weired capability to detach myself from the outside world (including family) to get a hold of myself. Leos are extremely loyal and want to be appreciated so much. Going deeper into my world of conflicting emotions, I will detach to save my relationships from becoming a total disaster because I am very aware of my delicate nervous system. At least I have a small window of opportunity to still be friends. My inner and outer world is on opposite sides of the universe. My sun sign is in Leo and my moon is in Aquarius. Opposite (bipolar) things going on and it is extremely hard to explain cause it wouldn't make any sense because its a mass of contradictions battling my inner and outer self. When one is hurt the other is content and vise versa. But thankfully, I am learning how to play this game we call life. The only difference with me is I detach with my close, even best friend relationships as well as family. However, I tend to rely on intimate relationships as a means to keep my sanity, which has to change of course. His planets were just lined up differently from mine. You can get a better understanding if you find out where his moon, rising, mercury, and Venus is located at the time of his birth by doing an astrology reading. Easier still, a numerology reading will help. I say, If you love him, be there for him and just be understanding. I wouldn't detach myself so much if people would just take the time to understand me.

  • One more thing, i do NOT detach from people i don't care about because i will not lose sleep if they have a problem with me. I only detach from the relationships that I'm afraid to lose. Crazy but true. Not sure if you can view my readings but feel free cause it explains me with accuracy.

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